Comments for Heinz Krubner

🕐 07-31-18 3:22 PMgip
Photo - 100511
By: heinzx
Like the contrast . Greens are not overly saturated .
🕐 06-5-18 4:57 PMJT
Photo - 100169
By: heinzx
I think it's more of "You gotta be kidding me. What am I doing here?"
🕐 05-23-18 3:23 AMgip
Photo 100035
By: heinzx
Nice capture. I have tried to catch one in flight,but no luck to date. Not many nature photos with this camera and lense. Shoot some more please.
🕐 05-6-18 1:23 AMitus49
By: heinzx
Wath a trip.
🕐 04-28-18 11:46 AMuser1978
Throne of the discharged king
By: heinzx
Nice, the two crosses!
🕐 03-23-18 4:48 AMheinzx
Open doors without boards
By: heinzx
It is not a big problem to get rid of the boards.
🕐 03-23-18 4:10 AMitus49
Open house day - open doors
By: heinzx
Too bad for the right wing, it would have been better not to have those boards on that wall
🕐 03-16-18 7:22 AMmitresg
By: heinzx
Nice Leica Color.
🕐 02-25-18 11:08 AMn.w.
By: heinzx
Interesting image. It suggests motion.
🕐 02-21-18 4:21 AMgip
Seats and shadows
By: heinzx
Like the shadows under the chairs they add to the repetition theme.
🕐 02-16-18 10:07 PMmitresg
By: heinzx
Nice tonal range, clear even where the rails are close by.
🕐 02-7-18 2:19 PMmitresg
Blossoms - March last year
By: heinzx
Nice colours and soft focus.
🕐 02-7-18 10:06 AMheinzx
Blossoms - March last year
By: heinzx
Blossoms - last year in March. I hope for the same this year, but I have some
doubts, because last year was not a typical one. And just today, snow came down. Photo was made with SL and 24/90.
🕐 01-25-18 2:00 AMheinzx
Biggest church of Austria (building volume
By: heinzx
Information can be found there: ,_Linz
🕐 01-25-18 1:13 AMmitresg
Biggest church of Austria (building volume
By: heinzx
How do they scale the size of a church?
Beatle said " Now they know how many holes they need to fill the Albert Hall...I love to turn you on on .."
🕐 01-9-18 6:46 AMn.w.
Colors of cloth
By: heinzx
Good eye Heinz. You made common objects look interesting.
🕐 12-7-17 3:30 PMmitresg
Orchids in bed #2
By: heinzx
Does it bite?
🕐 12-7-17 3:28 PMmitresg
Orchids in bed #1
By: heinzx
Looks like a Pekinese dog.
🕐 11-21-17 3:10 PMn.w.
Tiger lilies
By: heinzx
Nice image Heinz.
I've never thought of taking an image in such a way.
🕐 11-20-17 11:30 AMn.w.
Waiting dog outside shop
By: heinzx
I've never seen a dog hitching post before.
The D-Lux 6 is a handy little camera to keep in your pocket.
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