Comments for Don Pham Doan

🕐 05-6-13 3:29 PMndr3n
Cité Universitaire Paris
Nice composition, great B&W.
🕐 05-6-13 11:12 AMtclair
Cité Universitaire Paris
Very nice B&W image!
🕐 01-10-12 12:19 PMranahki
Mexican Night
Charming photo.
🕐 10-10-11 11:00 AMnikki
this is a lovely photo!
🕐 10-5-11 1:53 PMsol
Montmartre, Paris
I like the sinuous line of the wall that ends at the vanishing point. Well!
🕐 10-5-11 7:11 AMwuffstuff
Montmartre, Paris
I took this same photo, from the same place, myself on Sunday. It's lovely isn't it?
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