Comments for Glen Charles

🕐 07-8-19 6:00 PMJT
Love the way the house almost blends into the sky. Great colors !
🕐 12-9-18 9:45 AMJT
The Big Boat Series
Wow. This scene looks like a disaster in the making. I wonder how often they collide?
🕐 05-24-18 3:36 AMwaeshael
Photo 100028
Hi OM: I am in UK to shoot a wedding (brothers) tomorrow. I decided to bring three LC5s, a SONY NEX and an old FZ5 because of its zoom and Leica Elmarit lens. I expect that most of the shots will be with the LC5. I left all the heavy cameras at home due to weight limits of carry on (22 lbs for all cameras and computers combined.) Wx so far is sunny. Spent a week in Barcelona so may post a few of them. I talked with Dave Little a bit. He is shooting Ilford film with a IIIg, and digital with M-8 as backup. He says Kodak is going to produce Ektachrome in USA. I may dust off my M-6!
🕐 05-23-18 3:33 AMgip
Photo 100028
Great old camera. It’s amazing how good the images are compared to available market.
🕐 09-8-17 3:45 PMwaeshael
Guess what
Thanks for the comment: The battery went dead on my Nex-5, so I had to resort to my iPad. I rotated the frame to get rid of some distracting flooring, then cropped it.
🕐 09-8-17 3:40 PMmitresg
Guess what
Any PP? Nice. Everything auto except the photographer.
🕐 12-9-16 10:33 AMitus49
Blue House
What a film are you used dear Glen?
🕐 11-9-16 2:51 PMgip
Anderson County Fair
A good color test pattern. Surprised they set them up so close together. Lots of flames and propane. What could go wrong!
🕐 08-19-16 7:29 AMgip
Photo 57914
This method in b&w is more interesting than I would have thought. Shadowing effect is interesting.
🕐 07-11-16 2:34 AMmitresg
Clamagore WWII sub
Nice subdue color.
🕐 03-4-16 6:57 PMgip
My favorite flaming pear filter image. Has the texture of stained glass.
🕐 03-4-16 12:00 PMheinzx
Very nice, like it very much.
🕐 02-13-16 12:13 PMgip
House Hunting
Recognized the flaming pear filter. I like this one.
🕐 02-11-16 2:15 PMbrianbryan
Clovelly fishing boats
Lovely shot. From when would that lens be? Still got it?
🕐 02-8-16 6:16 PMgip
More foggy
Very nice image. Like the colors.
🕐 02-8-16 7:48 AMced
A foggy Day in Folly
Glenn, Superb image!
🕐 02-7-16 11:28 AMhandgun
Clovelly fishing boats
Nicely framed, Glen
I do think film, seems to have more depth.
🕐 07-8-15 11:07 AMgip
Confused marking
🕐 07-4-15 8:52 AMwaeshael
Greece and the Troika
I am hoping for the best with the Referendum on Sunday.
🕐 07-3-15 11:40 PMchriseeo
Greece and the Troika
Well, quite imaginative titel... I guess you sympathise.
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