Comments for Rana Sinha

🕐 07-31-17 8:23 AMmitresg
Attraction of the gods
Nicely-taken. "is it heaven or is it hell?"
🕐 07-17-17 8:02 PMmitresg
Bring the kite home
Nice, simple unpackaged fun.
🕐 09-3-16 7:19 AMmitresg
Icelandic Wild Flower
Can see the whiskers. Nice colour.
🕐 08-4-16 8:06 PMmitresg
Asian Tiger Mom
One "Shaking it", the other "Taking it". Nicely taken. You could see from her expression how seriously she undertakes her task. But what are the alternatives? "This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth..."
🕐 08-4-16 1:39 PMmitresg
Menacing creeper
Nice to see that black creeper stand out clearly against the black post, yet retains texture. Beautiful.
🕐 08-9-15 1:41 PMroot4rectangle
Final Farewell
This is a fantastic shot. So powerful!
🕐 07-31-15 3:46 PMmitresg
Reaching for the sky
Nice tonal range. Afraid I don't see it too often. Very nice.
🕐 07-28-15 4:00 AMchriseeo
Reaching for the sky
Good composition.
🕐 07-10-15 9:32 AMroot4rectangle
Great shot !
🕐 07-10-15 9:29 AMroot4rectangle
The joys of bringing a smile
This is a beautiful shot. Great decisive moment and great composition.
🕐 07-8-15 3:50 PMranahki
Chocolate cake with schnapps
Yes, Diane, it was a lovely combination - the chocolate cake and a schnapps.
🕐 10-5-14 11:10 PMlilia
Green leaf in Borneo jungle
Almost looks like a snake about to dance.
🕐 08-18-14 5:04 AMhandgun
Pearly drop of water on leaf
Very nice
🕐 08-16-14 2:46 PMdiaduck
Summer day in Finland
A delightful image, easily giving us the sense of joy and playfulness in the setting.
🕐 08-6-14 5:51 PMfriedeye
Weeds in a Finnish lake
🕐 08-6-14 5:51 PMfriedeye
Underwater life
I like the pop of the color and the excellent frame.
🕐 08-5-14 8:31 AMlilia
Summer day in Finland
Lovely setting.
🕐 08-1-14 12:40 PMdiaduck
Heart shaped flower
It's wonderful to include the unopened buds hanging along that arched branch - very nice work, Rana.
🕐 07-29-14 1:25 PMlilia
Purple fantasy
Beautifully done, flaws lend touch of reality to the photo.
🕐 07-29-14 11:02 AMdiaduck
Chocolate cake with schnapps
Very nice composition, with that glass and liquid beautifully transparent.....tell me, though, is that truly a tasty combination?
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