Comments for Leonard Hermawan

🕐 01-14-13 7:04 PMtclair
Cross Shine.
A great image!
🕐 01-11-13 5:04 PMbwhitcomb1
Excellent shot.
🕐 01-10-13 6:26 AMleonardhermawan
Thanks friedeye. Appreciate the support.
🕐 01-9-13 10:00 PMfriedeye
Space shuttle.
Really nice.
🕐 01-9-13 9:53 PMfriedeye
People Crossing.
Okay - not my favorite. You have a strong eye, Leonard. I wouldn't dilute you post (although we're all guilty of it - me especially).
🕐 01-9-13 9:49 PMfriedeye
Fantastic shot. Love the entire set. Great work.
🕐 08-17-11 3:23 AMguesswat
Melbourne we love this city.
nice shot bro
🕐 04-15-11 9:27 AMguesswat
Hong Kong Peak.
nice shot bro!!
🕐 04-15-11 9:25 AMrkzerok
Nice shot. I love when I see a picture and am instantly transported back to a place I have been. Especially when the person captured some detail that I missed and it just adds to the memory. Great job.
🕐 03-24-11 10:38 AMsnaprat
Melbourne we love this city.
Love this. Bravo
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