Comments for Enrico Gutierrez

🕐 05-30-13 2:07 PMfalcotto56
Favorite toy...
This is touching!
🕐 05-30-13 2:05 PMfalcotto56
Macau Venetia at night
This photo is very beatifull. Leonardo.
🕐 11-1-12 1:31 AMpaolobert
Favorite toy...
fantastic photo, really communicative.
🕐 02-26-12 10:25 PMcancan
Favorite toy...
lovely shot
🕐 02-23-12 11:05 PMcancan
Favorite toy...
this is good
🕐 11-5-11 6:34 AMtimowen
Favorite toy...
Wonderful photo. Your nephew will treasure this more and more as he grows older.
🕐 05-9-11 1:22 AMricos_escape
Favorite toy...
thanks for the comments. unfortunately there wasn't any post processing done to the sky. all the post processing i did was to burn the edges.
🕐 05-8-11 6:28 AMmarcopampaloni
Favorite toy...
wonderful..i just don't like the sky postprocessing, too "fake"..but anyway it's a great shot!
🕐 05-7-11 9:08 PMm5-user
Favorite toy...
Perfect !!!
🕐 04-18-11 7:05 PMslantface
Favorite toy...
great vignetting and bw processing.
🕐 03-28-11 12:33 AMricos_escape
Macau Venetia stores
Merci beaucoup vous etes trop bon, Jean-Ber. I'm sorry but my french is a bit rusty.
🕐 03-27-11 11:11 PMjean-ber52
Macau Venetia stores
Bonjour escape, magnifique éclairage , belle composition, Bravo aussi pour votre série de photos (un futur talent de la composition et de l'image vient de naitre) Bravo... Jean-Ber
🕐 03-27-11 6:13 PMricos_escape
Favorite toy...
Thank you for all the kind comments. It really made my day. ( :
🕐 03-27-11 10:39 AMdiaduck
Favorite toy...
A lovely image - wonderfully composed, and it conveys sadness.
🕐 03-27-11 4:11 AMtaskoni
Favorite toy...
Great shot!!!
🕐 03-27-11 2:48 AMsol
Favorite toy...
Beautiful image!
🕐 03-27-11 12:03 AMioss
Favorite toy...
Excellent picture Enrico- well done!
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