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🕐 07-7-15 8:57 PMfriedeye
Photo 11702
This is what photography is all about. Captured moments, lost, but for the camera.
🕐 11-8-14 5:22 PMphotosphere42
Very nice.
🕐 09-18-13 8:53 AMwaterman
Enjoy the color and the mood.
🕐 08-12-13 11:21 AMmarcopampaloni
Photo 27845
Dimitri thank you for your precious and deep comment, i really appreciate it.
🕐 08-12-13 11:19 AMmarcopampaloni
Thank you all very much!
Unfortunatly i don't have Leica gear anymore...anyway Dimitri you are right, this was shot during a camino to "Madonna del Piastraio" sanctuary in Stazzema, LU, Italy.
🕐 08-11-13 7:57 AMpolana
Great picture!
🕐 08-10-13 4:27 PMdvg
If I am guessing right, these photos should have been taken during a camino to a certain holy place, probably a monastery, as part of a religious tradition.
This limited portfolio communicates the point of view of a fully accustomed eye.
This photo is unique. This photo epitomizes the creeping loneliness hiding in the rest of the pictures. I think that this photo is a suberb and exceptional photo.
It speaks directly to my soul. I feel obliged to thank Merco for this photo.
Dimitris V. Georgopoulos, Athens, Greece.
🕐 08-10-13 4:06 PMdvg
Dimitris V. Georgopoulos, Athens, Greece.
🕐 08-10-13 4:03 PMdvg
Photo 27846
This one comes to discard all the weaknesses of the previous one. Nice composition. I do like the expression of the lady.
Dimitris V. Georgopoulos, Athens, Greece.
🕐 08-10-13 4:00 PMdvg
Photo 27845
I regret but I do not agree with the comrades in Leica above. Too crowded, without a central point in the whole composition. I think that a 6 x 7 crop on the left side will promote the real point of interest in the whole picture, as the style of the lady steels the performance.
Wide angle needs a very close proximity to the subject and I know that many times this is difficult and does not work, but we must not forget that an important element in photography is luck and we do not always have it.
Dimitris V. Georgopoulos, Athens, Greece.
🕐 08-10-13 3:48 PMdvg
Very nice perspective.
Dimitris V. Georgopoulos, Athens, Greece.
🕐 08-10-13 3:46 PMdvg
Cinema Paradiso? So nice a scenery, so nice a photo.
Dimitris V. Georgopoulos, Athens, Greece.
🕐 08-10-13 3:42 PMdvg
Trattoria Pollino
I like the composition with the blurred figure in the foreground and the two lonely men eating in the background. A simple direct approach to "a day in the life..." photo.
Dimitris V. Georgopoulos, Athens, Greece.
🕐 07-17-13 1:23 PMdvg
Photo 11702
Masterfully EXCELLENT!!!
To me looks as a wonderfull blend of Taviani Brothers and Federico Felini's style.
Dimitris V. Georgopoulos, Athens, Greece.
🕐 06-19-13 7:20 AMimageminister
Curious Children
Very nice foto~ composition, subject & tonality all perfect!
🕐 06-14-13 4:04 AMfalcotto56
Stupenda immagine, che mi ero persa. Chiedo venia! Cari saluti. Leonardo.
🕐 06-13-13 7:12 PMfilm4me
Beautiful photograph!
🕐 03-10-13 4:14 AMdierk
great picture, Diana said it all :)
🕐 03-9-13 8:41 PMedster12
Photo 27845
Ahh, miss the food at such Korean market. Good shot of the food market seen.
🕐 03-9-13 4:49 PMfriedeye
Photo 27845
Very nice, Marco.
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