Comments for Randall Kelley

🕐 08-8-16 4:22 AMndr3n
Cafe Cameroon
Well focused.
🕐 11-18-15 3:37 AMmitresg
Rainy Day, Paris
Very nice. I can feel the the mood; about to pull up my collar and make a dash.
🕐 01-25-15 7:59 PMinderjeet singh
very nice
🕐 09-24-13 7:44 PMjopo
Photo 11868
Humans fate.....
🕐 09-24-13 7:43 PMjopo
Photo 11869
What a contradiction!! Great street photo. Formidable!!
🕐 09-24-13 7:42 PMjopo
Photo 11870
It is great portret-street photo. What an expression!!
🕐 09-24-13 7:39 PMjopo
Fisherman's Terminal, Seattle
Great marine photo!!
🕐 09-24-13 7:38 PMjopo
Party Face
What a fine portret, and the title well chosen.
🕐 09-24-13 7:34 PMjopo
You pictures are extraordinary. I do not have much time to return back to sea such pieces of art, but when i stumble on some i enjoy it very much! Thanks. Josef
🕐 09-24-13 7:31 PMjopo
NY Sunset
🕐 09-24-13 7:30 PMjopo
Williamsburg Bridge
What a picture!!!
🕐 09-24-13 7:30 PMjopo
Oil Rig Cameroon
Extraordinary photo. Eould like it on the wall of my living room. By the way, i am retired seafarer. GREAT
🕐 05-26-11 11:11 AMrkzerok
Building and Truck
Thanks. I shot it without any vehicles, then with a car going by. When I saw the truck coming I knew I wanted it in there. (He was moving pretty quick, so I was happy with the shutter timing). But the original had either the truck too dark, or I would loose the deep green of the building. Thank goodness for Viveza software to be able to burn in the truck without loosing the other colors. I posted the set showing the process on the photo site where I put up my practice stuff (full resolution). If interested you can see it here:
🕐 05-26-11 11:05 AMrkzerok
Anchor, Fisherman's Terminal
Thanks diaduck, It was tough with the 28 as I wear glasses and can't see both sides of the frame at the same time, so it took several tries to get it exactly where I wanted it.
🕐 05-26-11 10:41 AMdiaduck
Building and Truck
First, my eye sees the interesting building and the subtle colors - then a closer look brings in the large truck. It's enjoyable to have photos that require some attention. Well done.
🕐 05-26-11 10:39 AMdiaduck
Anchor, Fisherman's Terminal
Love the graphic design of this - and the colors are very well done.
🕐 05-17-11 8:41 AMhobb3
artsy and creative in a good way
🕐 05-17-11 8:13 AMsol
I like the end result got with this picture!
🕐 05-17-11 3:26 AMrkzerok
Fisherman's Terminal, Seattle
Thank you Jean!
🕐 05-16-11 11:01 PMjean-ber52
Fisherman's Terminal, Seattle
très belle images, superbe galerie, formidable Blog, Bravo Kelley je suis Fan
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