Comments for Iain Parker

🕐 09-26-11 5:02 AMiain parker
thank you, low autumn light is great to work with.
🕐 09-26-11 2:09 AMricardsonwilliams
great light!
🕐 02-11-11 11:00 PMalfondc
Untitled. Edinburgh.
Ohh! I love this one!!
🕐 01-28-11 2:06 PMiain parker
thank you.
🕐 01-24-11 11:21 AMsol
A shot very interesting! Congratulations.
🕐 01-21-11 4:44 PMbggyb
Fantastic photo. Congratulations!
🕐 01-21-11 11:01 AMnikki
love your viewpoint !
🕐 01-21-11 11:00 AMnikki
really like this ! love the composition.
🕐 01-21-11 8:27 AMbas
Great mood. Beautiful!
🕐 11-27-10 1:37 PMdvg
Ulyana Gumeniuk. Artist in Residence, Trinity College, Cambridge
Exceptional portrait.
All photographs in this collection of yours assemble an extremely interesting documentary of "...a day in the life of..." communicating emotions and feelings in a fine tuned perspective and framing.
Well done please present us some more.
Dimitris V. Georgopoulos
Athens, Greece

🕐 11-20-10 10:43 AMiain parker
Untitled. Cambridge.
Thank you. It can be difficult at times to pick representative photographs, but I am pleased with my selections.

Any comments and feed back will be appreciated.
🕐 11-20-10 10:31 AMioss
Untitled. Cambridge.
Beautiful series. I particularly like this one.
🕐 11-20-10 9:37 AMiain parker
Untitled. Edinburgh.
Thank you.
🕐 11-20-10 8:44 AMioss
Untitled. Edinburgh.
Great picture!
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