Comments for Derrick Gilbert

🕐 07-3-15 8:10 PMderrickgilbert
River Passage
Lens - Voiglander 50mm 1.5.
🕐 06-26-15 11:14 PMderrickgilbert
Leica IIF
🕐 06-26-15 11:14 PMderrickgilbert
The River
Leica IIF
🕐 10-17-14 2:16 AMhandgun
Blue & White in Santorini
Beautiful colours,great composition.
🕐 10-16-14 6:04 AMc88mirim
Blue & White in Santorini
i love it
🕐 10-15-14 5:16 PMwaeshael
Blue & White in Santorini
Very nice series here Derrick
🕐 08-14-14 4:54 PMlensmanm4
Leica 1 C
Is this yours... wanna sell it?
🕐 06-14-14 9:16 AMrsd
Sleeping Cat
I like the sensibility, Derrick!
🕐 12-14-13 2:40 AMwaeshael
In Northern Thailand
Good colors, complentary, warm . Nice picture
🕐 12-14-13 2:38 AMwaeshael
First bloom
My guess is Compact camera for this shot, colors are nice. What did you use?
🕐 12-14-13 2:36 AMwaeshael
Northern Thailand
Complementary colors are balanced just right. Nice picture.
🕐 12-14-13 2:35 AMwaeshael
Raft making
Nice composition.
🕐 12-9-13 2:42 AMsol
A Child's thank you
🕐 12-8-13 6:29 PMlilia
Oh, that upward glance is priceless!
Well done.
🕐 12-8-13 6:48 AMwaeshael
The balance between daylight and flash was off - I expect it was the high ISO and wide aperture combined that overexposed the building and grounds. Or was it in auto mode for the exposure. I am interested in the camera performance, as it is a fairly new cameras for Leica, and I haven't seen much work from it yet - but I'm going to start looking.
How do you like it, so far? Some of your pictures with it are very nice.
🕐 12-8-13 6:41 AMwaeshael
All mine
Frame good here too. What are they receiving?
🕐 12-8-13 6:40 AMwaeshael
All ready
I think the frame is good for this shot.
🕐 12-8-13 6:32 AMlilia
A Child's thank you
Child's expression & joy, color, composition....all come together for an endearing photograph.
🕐 12-7-13 7:12 PMwaeshael
A Child's thank you
What a great picture - lighting color subject all perfect.
🕐 11-17-13 12:22 PMtclair
Interesting treatment.
popflash photo
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