Comments for Dave Little

🕐 04-28-19 3:55 PMn.w.
Kings Cross station
Nice sharp image. It's all about the detail.
🕐 02-18-19 2:12 PMphotosphere42
Enjoying a Pint
Very nice image. A man of simple pleasures, a pint, and some quiet time.
🕐 06-3-18 11:18 AMwaeshael
Ball on the Boardwalk
Nice picture, Wanted to get together with you but the family took all my time. Did a wedding with the LC5. Talk to you on the Net when I get home.
🕐 05-31-18 8:27 PMhalo4470
Ball on the Boardwalk
🕐 05-1-18 12:40 PMwaeshael
Did you do your own processing? If so, what are you using for developer, and is this FP4 film?
🕐 03-24-18 6:47 AMn.w.
White coats
Good old fashion photo look. Nice to see images like this
🕐 01-16-18 3:22 PMhandgun
Montacute House
Thanks everyone, for your comments and likes
🕐 01-9-18 6:45 AMn.w.
Montacute House
Nice work with the natural light.
🕐 12-7-17 9:42 AMmitresg
Tea in the Garden
Very nice - details in the hair and coat. The old camera still performs. Through the years ...
🕐 09-25-17 9:32 AMhandgun
Devon garden spyder
Taken out side the back door of our Cottage
🕐 08-7-17 11:07 AMn.w.
Carriage Driving
As a horseman, I can appreciate this image.
🕐 06-26-17 10:09 AMmitresg
You Knocked ?
M8 colour is quite natural - at least, from what I can remember about horses.
🕐 03-29-17 11:40 PMhandgun
Steel Rose
Thanks for your comment, Mitresg,
Yes it is stainless steel welded together
🕐 03-29-17 5:52 PMmitresg
Steel Rose
The metallic gleam nicely captured. I suppose it is metallic!!
🕐 10-3-16 5:27 PMmitresg
Catch the moment
I also use a DLUX. I guess you must have set ISO to 400 for this. Seems quite good image quality.
🕐 04-16-16 1:26 AMitus49
no Nana !
Ah, the glamor of the film, the Hilford HP 5, Unsurpassed.
I have a wonderful Yashica GT35, the one with the central shutter Copar, virtually untouched, but I can not find the batteries, sigh!.
🕐 04-1-16 5:03 PMphotosphere42
Budleigh Boats
Nice image!
🕐 03-24-16 2:42 PMmitresg
Winter Field
Doesn't matter. Nice scratches on the field.
🕐 03-9-16 4:09 PMn.w.
Over the Hill
I enjoy the simplicity of this image.
It has a pleasing look.
🕐 02-17-16 4:07 PMmitresg
Platform Waiting Room
Nice to see these old stations still in use.
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