Comments by Jt

🕐 06-21-20 11:50 PMJT
Photo 102752
This has to be South Fl. :)
🕐 03-10-20 10:41 AMJT
Photo: 102300
By: itus49
What a great rendering. Love the file.
🕐 02-27-20 8:59 PMJT
Photo - 102530
By: JT
Loving the 35 1.4 ZM on the M10P. I can see why this lens is so attractive for the price.
🕐 02-22-20 5:44 PMJT
Photo 102513
By: JT
This chicken was caught crossing the road !
🕐 02-19-20 8:29 PMJT
Photo 9305
Awesome! Love the way you capture the heads here :)
🕐 01-3-20 1:35 PMJT
Photo: Bald Eagle
By: n.w.
Spectacular bird. Skagit county ???
🕐 12-27-19 2:25 PMJT
The thinker. Or so he thinks .
By: JT
Pretty big Lumix zoom lens (24-70 f2.8 S Pro) but very versatile. I have sold all my SL glass and am now just using this lens. Actually, I still have the 75mm SL.

Any tips on getting my son to cut his hair? He just won't listen to me :(
🕐 12-26-19 10:10 AMJT
Photo 101006
By: ruppel
The detail in her eyes are amazing! When you view the in actual size, it really stands out. Great shot and beautiful model! Very tasteful and classic pose.
🕐 12-25-19 12:12 AMJT
Photo: 102304
By: Criqui
I moved your comment description to the photo notes. Hope you don't mind :)
🕐 12-11-19 8:51 AMJT
Chesterfield Motor Fest 2019
Some similarities here 50 years later .....

Embeded Photo
🕐 12-10-19 9:54 AMJT
Photo 102258
I should get my Q2 this Thursday! Can't wait!
🕐 12-4-19 6:35 PMJT
Photo 102258
Sweet. How are you digging that Q2? I have been thinking about getting one for travel but don't like to be tied to one focal length. I ended up with a CL and some M lens on it plus my SL lenses. Don't know if I will keep it or not. Not use to apsc but sure like the portability.
🕐 12-4-19 8:26 AMJT
cant stop looking at this. Love it !!!
🕐 12-1-19 10:08 PMJT
Ava Waits.........
Wow. This just popped up again as I was browsing the HOF. What a fantastic picture! So well done !
🕐 11-28-19 12:58 PMJT
Photo 102244
Oh. He has his eyes on it. Great capture.
🕐 11-27-19 7:50 PMJT
Im Watching YOU!
Lurking and ready to strike.
🕐 11-27-19 4:05 PMJT
The unseen man
By: JT
Sad. So many people like this in Portland.
🕐 11-27-19 3:59 PMJT
Photo 6242
Why do I keep coming back to this picture? I absolutely love it!
🕐 11-24-19 3:27 PMJT
Photo 102208
By: rsd
Did you go in the cathedral? I bet its amazing !
🕐 11-23-19 1:19 PMJT
By: sol
It looks like a storm. I like it.
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