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🕐 08-19-20 10:46 PMlaowai
Photo - 102825
By: laowai
Hi Rene,
the exposure time is 30 s at f/2.8, ISO1600. This is a composite using StarStaX, about 150 exposures.
Sorry for the dashed trails. This is because I cannot switch off the noise reduction for exposures over 1 s on the Leica SL. I think pretty much any other camera allows users to switch off noise reduction, the Leica SL does not. In other words, as much as I love the Leica SL, for long-time exposures of star trail the camera is essentially useless.
🕐 07-23-17 1:20 PMlaowai
Huangshan mountain pine in fog
By: laowai
thanks akarimhussein, sometimes I get lucky.
🕐 07-6-17 1:34 PMlaowai
Is this lousy rain ever going to stop?
By: laowai
Hi mitresg, thanks. Shot in DNG and converted to jpeg off line. Have not figured out how to nail a shot in jpeg yet, DNG is a safer option for me.
It's the rainy season in Anhiu and can be pretty depressing I guess.
I thought this was an old lady, but now I am not sure any more; I guess we'll never know for sure.
Thanks for the comment!
🕐 05-9-17 11:10 PMlaowai
A tree with a smile
By: laowai
Hi mitresg,
It's about 1m/3ft or so. The most difficult thing to get used to are the long minimum focus distances of Leica-M lenses.
🕐 05-9-17 9:16 AMlaowai
Maximilianswerk in Munich
By: laowai
Thanks for the kind words, n.w and mitresg.
N.W., this structure was build in 1894, I guess the Germans would not consider this a particularly old building.
🕐 08-13-16 7:45 PMlaowai
End of day
By: laowai
Thank you very much for the kind words!
🕐 07-23-16 6:25 PMlaowai
Creosote Shrub
By: laowai
Forgot to take off the UV filter.
🕐 02-11-15 1:35 AMlaowai
By: laowai
Entire new urban centers are growing out of traditional farm land in Chenzhou, Hunan, PRC.
🕐 02-11-15 1:32 AMlaowai
New and Old
By: laowai
New construction area in Chenzhou, Hunan, PRC replacing traditional farms in the sub-urban areas.
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