Comments by Akarim Hussein

🕐 07-22-17 3:26 AMakarimhussein
Huangshan mountain pine in fog
By: laowai
brave .... its like photographing a black cat in the dark of night.
🕐 02-15-17 4:36 PMakarimhussein
veggie stalls
Thanks for your observation these are roadside stalls in Kundasang near Mt Kinabalu. They also do wholesale early in the morning with basketful of single types of vegetables from their farm. later in the day they sell the smaller varieties packs for travellers and visitors. They are continually being relocated away from the roadside to more organized areas however unpopular and usually abandoned for this "drive thru convenience store".
🕐 12-7-16 4:47 AMakarimhussein
Other than the usual tree to forest issues the foto was taken against morning sun.Had to fix some chroma, purple fringing and take the termite home out of dark shadow. hehe lucky angle and very good lens and very plyable file with lightroom 6.
popflash photo
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