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🕐 08-31-17 4:31 AMmdemeyer
Phoenix International Media Center - Beijing, China
Replaced original photo with correctly-processed version.

Taken in the evening after a Tiffany & Co. marketing event was held in the center of this oval structure. The Tiffany wording is a sign not yet removed from the area.
🕐 08-21-17 12:21 AMmdemeyer
Laundry Day
mitresg wrote:

Nice natural colours, just the way I remember them.\n\n\n

M10 with modified Adobe Standard profile as described in post #18 in this thread. I struggled with what I felt was over-saturation of the standard LR profiles (especially the M10 profile) but have been quite pleased with this one.

🕐 06-21-15 11:14 PMmdemeyer
Thanks gip. Just got the new v3 15mm Super Wide Heliar and working to get the feel for it. This is slightly cropped, but it works well Full Frame on the Sony A7 with the thin filter stack modification. And, you're right, the light was lovely which is what drew me to this.
🕐 05-20-15 10:48 PMmdemeyer
Photo 49472
I actually like the house but wish for a little more space around it.
🕐 05-3-15 4:05 PMmdemeyer
Base camp Leboche
I know the tent is important to the story, but I really would love to crop this and just see the amazing scene. :-)
🕐 04-18-15 8:21 PMmdemeyer
Just returned from Holy Week in Spain, so this really resonates.
🕐 04-18-15 8:20 PMmdemeyer
Photo 49073
Fabulous color and texture.
🕐 04-18-15 8:20 PMmdemeyer
Photo 49075
🕐 03-22-15 7:01 PMmdemeyer
Photo 48676
🕐 03-22-15 7:00 PMmdemeyer
Liberty ship
Love the feel of the light.
🕐 02-25-15 11:18 PMmdemeyer
Roman Carnival jazz concert at the Colosseum
By: itus49
What can I say, I played the tuba!
🕐 01-31-15 1:51 PMmdemeyer
Piscator of the Cowlitz
By: f 1.4
Very old school. Love it.
🕐 01-5-15 12:20 AMmdemeyer
Photo 47794
🕐 01-1-15 12:02 PMmdemeyer
Milk churns
Really nails the silvery character (real or imagined) and dimensionality. Nicely done.
🕐 12-29-14 2:51 PMmdemeyer
Mezza Luna & Bufano's "Universal Child"
By: rsd
Great use of selective color.
🕐 12-27-14 1:43 PMmdemeyer
Adam and Eve
By: rsd
Very elegant composition and lighting.
🕐 11-27-14 8:08 PMmdemeyer
Tribute to Helmut Newton
By: itus49
Great irony.
🕐 11-8-14 10:00 PMmdemeyer
Photo 47070
Nice feeling
🕐 11-8-14 9:59 PMmdemeyer
Just past sunset?
🕐 11-1-14 7:53 PMmdemeyer
Stairwell, Hunter Museum
I find myself wishing for a little more depth of field, but love the colors, textures, and composition.
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