Comments by Ron

🕐 11-25-19 7:52 PMrsd
Photo 102226
By: rsd
Monte San Savino, Italy
🕐 07-9-18 8:20 AMrsd
Breakfast at M
Very nice!
🕐 02-23-16 12:31 PMrsd
By: gip
Wonderful colors, hues and capture, Gip!
🕐 02-10-16 12:55 PMrsd
Swamp Path
By: gip
The orange/red leaves add a wonderful contrast, Gip.
🕐 12-6-15 5:25 PMrsd
Balloon in Hand
Fantastic photo, Jim. The lighting, hues, softness, interplay of lines and shadows and of course the little boy and toy are all wonderful!
🕐 09-25-15 10:42 AMrsd
Reeds on Water
By: rsd
mitresg wrote:

Scratched my head.That must be reflections of weeds on water?. What then are those bubble-like specks on the water? Bubbles?\n\n\n
Thank you, Chan. Yes, there are reeds and some reflections and the 'bubble-like specks' are actually floating plant debris in the water.
🕐 08-2-15 10:11 AMrsd
Photo 51498
By: sol
Wonderful capture, Sol!
🕐 07-4-15 1:42 PMrsd
Wet Walk
Great series, Jim! I like the simplicity and B&W tones of them
🕐 06-26-15 12:43 PMrsd
Yellowstone (from my old Nikon 4300)
By: itus49
Very nice image, Italo!
🕐 06-17-15 10:00 AMrsd
Photo 50172
By: sol
Reminds me of a Cartier-Bresson
🕐 06-17-15 9:57 AMrsd
nyc skyline - b&w
By: lilia
The tones of the wonderful Chrysler Building look great in this B&W shot!
🕐 05-31-15 8:33 AMrsd
The Beach
Very nice photo!
🕐 05-29-15 11:23 AMrsd
Wild poppy
Beautiful photo, Dalton - the detail and depth of field work well here
🕐 05-29-15 11:03 AMrsd
Photo 49636
By: sol
Beautiful colors - the split focal planes and subjects are fantastic here
🕐 05-29-15 11:00 AMrsd
Photo 49643
By: sol
Wonderful dramatic lighting
🕐 05-28-15 1:28 PMrsd
Photo 49632
By: sol
I like the way you framed this one - the colors are great!
🕐 05-28-15 1:27 PMrsd
Photo 49633
By: sol
Terrific capture, Sol! I love the lighting here.
🕐 05-25-15 11:36 AMrsd
Photo 49548
By: sol
Fantastic photo Sol! Wonderful lighting effect in B&W - shadows and long perspective look great along with the large cone next to the man eating his ice cream. Yummm.
🕐 05-24-15 12:23 PMrsd
1928 Douglas 350cc
I like the red and the black together - nice bike!
🕐 05-24-15 12:20 PMrsd
Photo 49529
popflash photo
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