Comments by David Jean Schweitzer

🕐 01-18-14 9:51 AMimageminister
All seats occupied?
Very graphic and strong photograph1
🕐 09-10-13 8:20 PMimageminister
Photo 35690
What a moment! One of the best street shots I have seen in a long while!
🕐 09-10-13 8:17 PMimageminister
Photo 19732
Haunting poetry!
🕐 08-27-13 6:13 PMimageminister
Dirk Hood and His Bean Truck I
Yes, Dirk is a genuine person doing his "thing" with the beans!
🕐 08-22-13 2:52 PMimageminister
Werewolves on Wheels
By: rsd
Mysterious yet humorous!
🕐 08-10-13 9:55 PMimageminister
Photo 20884
🕐 08-10-13 7:23 AMimageminister
Photo 33897
By: cancan
I like both of the angles on this subject. As always Danny, your tonal values are always great!
🕐 08-10-13 7:21 AMimageminister
Photo 33198
By: cancan
Very interesting shot, Danny.
🕐 08-7-13 8:51 AMimageminister
Street Performers mit Straight Jacket
Yes, it is a straight jacket.
🕐 08-5-13 7:20 PMimageminister
Tourists & Guide
By: lilia
Yes, the expressions are conjuring up my imagination.
🕐 08-4-13 3:27 PMimageminister
Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin and Our Lady of Guadalupe
There is close to a dozen of these shrines at El Santuario de Chimayó, "Chapel of Miracles"

For centuries, miraculous cures have been attributed to this chapel and the land where it stands, every year thousands walk in pilgrimage there.
🕐 07-22-13 4:34 PMimageminister
Panorama de Cordes sur Ciel 81 TARN France
Quelle beauté remarquable, Jean!
🕐 07-21-13 8:06 AMimageminister
Dinnerview for two
By: johntp
Love the way the warm foreground subject is standing out from the cool blue background.
🕐 07-21-13 7:50 AMimageminister
Photo 33743
By: sol
Painterly expressionism!
🕐 07-18-13 7:24 AMimageminister
Photo 33555
Keep adding to your beautiful collection. Ché bellezza!
🕐 07-17-13 7:47 AMimageminister
Photo 33532
Colore e struttura impressionanti!!!!
🕐 07-17-13 7:47 AMimageminister
Photo 33531
Colore e struttura impressionanti!
🕐 07-16-13 5:37 PMimageminister
San Cristobal
Yes, indeed. I live in the land of enchanted light. So many great painters agree!
🕐 06-29-13 9:38 AMimageminister
Photo 20527
I second Lilia's comment. Absolutely beautiful and heart warming photograph!
🕐 06-28-13 6:56 AMimageminister
Photo 14716
I love the way the shadow & light patterns flow with the anatomical structure. Outstanding shot!
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