Comments by Gip Young

🕐 01-22-20 7:29 PMgip
Photo 102420
My favorite shot of the group. I am more of a nature photographer but I enjoy viewing street photography.
🕐 07-30-19 7:20 PMgip
Photo 101933
By: n.w.
Bill good feather detail and composition .
🕐 12-18-18 6:00 PMgip
Residents of my refuge
By: sol
This image makes me smile. When looking through your wonderful images I always pause on this one.
🕐 10-24-18 6:31 PMgip
Hôtel National des Invalides
By: sol
Very much enjoyed this image. It could have been taken with any camera. A reminder that it’s the photographer that matters.
🕐 09-16-18 8:00 AMgip
Walking in the evening in Tiananmen Square
By: itus49
Good light, like the composition,sepia tone and motion blur.
🕐 07-31-18 3:22 PMgip
Photo - 100511
By: heinzx
Like the contrast . Greens are not overly saturated .
🕐 06-17-18 6:12 PMgip
Photo 100256
By: n.w.
Nice image Bill. Good light,colors,and detail.
🕐 05-24-18 2:36 PMgip
Photo 100003
By: JT
Like the B&W the best. The image appears sharper and the jacket darker and the beard has more texture. Thanks for posting both.
🕐 05-23-18 3:26 AMgip
Photo 100037
Very nice image. Like the soft focus in the foreground and background.
🕐 05-23-18 3:23 AMgip
Photo 100035
By: heinzx
Nice capture. I have tried to catch one in flight,but no luck to date. Not many nature photos with this camera and lense. Shoot some more please.
🕐 02-24-18 7:20 PMgip
#2 Hommage à HC-B
My favorite of group. Very nice sir.

🕐 02-21-18 4:21 AMgip
Seats and shadows
By: heinzx
Like the shadows under the chairs they add to the repetition theme.
🕐 01-14-18 4:03 AMgip
By: rkh
Light is very nice. They should enjoy these images.
🕐 10-1-17 4:41 AMgip
See your back on my side of the pond. Like the shallow dof.
🕐 10-1-17 4:39 AMgip
A tattooed shop's front door
Like this, would have probably gotten rid of the paper cup in the middle of the frame. Otherwise like the color tones and composition.
🕐 09-24-17 3:58 PMgip
Soft colours.
We also have these on my side of the pond. I have not gotten a good image. I would be happy with this one.
🕐 08-15-17 3:57 AMgip
Reading & Waiting
By: rsd
This is interesting Ron. Great Western Railroad?
🕐 05-29-17 11:54 AMgip
Nice shadows and soft colors on this Juan.
🕐 04-26-17 4:59 PMgip
A common scene made interesting.
🕐 04-10-17 4:10 AMgip
I like this image Juan. The light,composition,depth of field, and the movement of the women all add to the image. Well done.
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