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🕐 11-7-19 11:48 PMitus49
Saint Peter
By: itus49
This Leica X Vario never ceases to amaze me, yet it has been reviled by many magazines on the web.
I must say that his "blind" lens, the Vario Elmar, has a superb rendering. Certainly it is a machine of "old" conception, but simple that in rendering and cosatruzione really makes us think that it is a real Leica, it is, in my opinion, the one that comes closest to the M series.
🕐 11-26-18 12:09 AMitus49
Photo 100927
By: n.w.
🕐 11-1-18 3:49 AMitus49
Bernardo Milite One of the most brilliant painters of Rome:
By: itus49
He defines himself as:
Modest talent street painter
Repeatedly humiliated, harassed, executed by the City of Rome. Being a painter has become a nightmare.

Since 1976 I exhibit in Piazza Navona. Since 1984 I have been part of the "100 Painters of via Margutta" Association.
During these years I have gone through various styles and I have proposed myself in six personal, in two installations and various collective.
Being a painter was a choice of freedom: how beautiful the dreams of a twenty-two year old!
🕐 10-30-18 12:49 AMitus49
Photo - 100823
Fantástica, una foto llena de movimiento y drama.
🕐 10-24-18 10:39 AMitus49
By: sol
Debo confesar que pasé una buena media hora frente a esta foto.
Él me secuestra, no dejaría de mirarla.
Me gusta mucho
🕐 10-16-18 12:01 AMitus49
Photo 100726
By: n.w.
Excellent response on the sand
🕐 10-7-18 1:23 AMitus49
Modernity and tradition
By: itus49
The photographed has the hat with the triangles of cloth up, it means that it is unmarried.
🕐 09-29-18 2:56 AMitus49
Photo - 100684
By: jme
Excellent black and white, shame about the garbage can in the foreground.
🕐 08-6-18 1:08 AMitus49
Photo 100556
i'm vey lover cat's
🕐 07-23-18 11:45 AMitus49
By: itus49
Thank you very much to everyone.
🕐 07-23-18 11:45 AMitus49
By: itus49
Thank you very much to everyone.
🕐 07-23-18 11:44 AMitus49
Peoples meetings on the Great Wall
By: itus49
Thank you very much to everyone.
🕐 07-23-18 11:44 AMitus49
the hidden treasures of the courtyards of the Roman palaces
By: itus49
Thank you very much to everyone.
🕐 07-23-18 11:43 AMitus49
Under the Tienanmen square
By: itus49
Thank you very much to everyone.
🕐 07-10-18 12:04 AMitus49
Storm brewing over the refinery
Nice b & w, but it seems to me that the landscape is inclined to the right. Wat a pity
🕐 07-9-18 11:42 PMitus49
Breakfast at M
Good shot!
🕐 07-9-18 11:40 PMitus49
Skyward view
I quite like the geometric symmetry you have given by cutting the frame with the elle of the grider of cement, in turn generating two symmetrical triangles, one in the upper right corner and one at the base of the photo on the right of the same area. Too bad the first is two-colored, due to the sky and the gride of cement. Perhaps there are too many elements and a left-most cut eliminating the portion of the abovementioned area would have been more effective and less distracting.
🕐 06-18-18 11:53 AMitus49
By: itus49
Hi Jorge, the photo was taken one of the lanes of Trastevere near the church of Santa Maria in Trastevere (Rome)-
🕐 06-18-18 12:09 AMitus49
By: itus49
Thank you very much to everyone.
🕐 06-18-18 12:08 AMitus49
Vetturino (wheelchair driver) at the Pantheon
By: itus49
Thank you very much to everyone.

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