Comments by Magnus Bistrom

🕐 02-23-18 10:00 AMmrbistrom
Rome 2018
By: loik
🕐 11-17-17 12:21 PMmrbistrom
cuba 9
By: cancan
Very nice light in this shot. Cant wait till I get to Cuba.
🕐 12-18-13 5:38 AMmrbistrom
On guard
desmolicious wrote:

the lady in the background makes the composition\n\n\n

Yes, one of those photos where you see a nice forground and then wait till the background shows up :)
🕐 12-8-13 12:26 PMmrbistrom
Me & my shadow
By: cancan
Very nice shot! Contrast and exposure perfect.
🕐 12-7-13 9:14 AMmrbistrom
Putting on makeup
Have to comment my own upload. One of the first shots with my new camera and lens. Phew, all manual is not something I'm used to...
🕐 06-5-13 7:38 AMmrbistrom
Photo 31345
Nice shot. I like this better than the b/w one. Beautiful colors.
🕐 06-5-13 7:29 AMmrbistrom
Photo 31499
Wow I like this. Nice light and colors.
🕐 06-5-13 7:27 AMmrbistrom
Photo 31502
Nicely captured.
🕐 02-28-13 2:16 PMmrbistrom
French winemaker 01
Very nice shot with nice colors and shapes of the barrels.
🕐 02-23-13 1:13 PMmrbistrom
Seen Better Days
I like this photo. The contrast between the dark coat and the guys skin.
🕐 02-23-13 1:10 PMmrbistrom
Photo 16210
That is a lovely shot.
🕐 02-18-13 1:12 PMmrbistrom
Young Girl waits for her Father to finish gossiping Kolkata
Oh, this one as well. Very nice.
🕐 02-18-13 1:11 PMmrbistrom
Guru and Disciple Lucknow
Nice shot, I like the PP.
🕐 02-18-13 1:04 PMmrbistrom
Sometimes when you sit and scroll webpages, looking for photos that stand out you come across something special like this. Fatigue, despair and vulnaribility all in one shot. Really nice!
🕐 02-18-13 12:54 PMmrbistrom
foggy night
By: lilia
Gotham City! Mysterious ! Beautiful.
🕐 02-17-13 2:07 PMmrbistrom
Photo 27151
By: dierk
Beautiful portrait. Very good light in this photo.
🕐 02-17-13 1:07 PMmrbistrom
Photo 25824
By: cancan
Very nice. Like all your B/W pictures realy nice contrast .The photo itself also very good.
🕐 02-15-13 7:47 AMmrbistrom
I'm Walking
This is simply excellent.
🕐 02-15-13 5:50 AMmrbistrom
Photo 27026
By: cancan
Verk nice captured. B/w at its best.
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