Comments by Bruno Lambla

🕐 04-20-13 3:40 AMbruno
Really strong portrait! Subtle and natural. I really like the simplicity (which is the hardest thing I think) of this photo. Very well done! The only little thing is that your model looks a bit tense. The attitude and the eyes are penetrating, I really like!
🕐 04-20-13 3:27 AMbruno
Nice light, interesting composition (maybe avoiding some branches in the foreground would be nicer in my opinion). I'm not sure about the pose of your model. I have to admit it made me laugh (you can imagine why)... Thanks for this, it's good Lenscrack !
🕐 04-12-13 4:08 PMbruno
Majestic Oak
By: jme
Great shot of an impressive old oak tree! I like how you framed the photo. Square format is well suited for this subject. A darker sky (or maybe sunset) could be nice too. Glad to see some nice color pictures!
🕐 04-12-13 4:03 PMbruno
Miss H.
By: jme
Very nice natural portrait! Great color and texture for the hair and nice skin tones too. Nice smile, posture and choice of background and a pretty model too ;)
🕐 04-11-13 4:35 AMbruno
Ruined Church Inishbofin
Great light, colours, composition! Well that's a great photo! Well done!
🕐 04-3-13 8:28 AMbruno
Old Mill
Very well composed! Great mood!
🕐 03-22-13 5:17 AMbruno
Sad!, riverside
By: polana
Interesting light and textures! Well done
🕐 03-20-13 3:53 AMbruno
Photo 25134
Beautiful photo !
🕐 03-13-13 2:59 AMbruno
Himalayan Poppy
Absolutely gorgeous!
🕐 02-23-13 2:48 PMbruno
Eilean Donan
Very innovative way to take this photo. Great angle and approach!
Colors and textures are impressive and give a special mood
🕐 02-12-13 3:16 AMbruno
Tributaries of spring
By: druben
Great colours ! Perfect exposure ! I like how you framed your subject! Well done
🕐 02-3-13 2:29 AMbruno
River Exe
Nice composition, amazing light and colours!
🕐 02-3-13 2:22 AMbruno
Amazing photo! It looks like a painting. It's amazing what you can do with light (and a good camera ;)!
🕐 01-20-13 3:06 AMbruno
Tres belle photo ! La lumiere sur le felin est vraiment parfaite. Tres bonne composition egalement !
🕐 01-20-13 2:57 AMbruno
The Blue Lagoon
By: johntp
Amazing photo! Dreamy environment and looking into the eyes...
🕐 01-11-13 4:24 AMbruno
By: menix
Amazing shot! I love the way you've gathered 2 strong antithetic moods (drama and joy) in the same photo. It's hard to have a good photo with the subject in the middle but it makes sense in your case. Well done!
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