Comments by Brian Whitcomb

🕐 07-20-15 4:30 PMbwhitcomb1
Photo 51256
By: sol
Wow! Love the tones and layers in this scene, Sol.
🕐 11-20-14 6:44 PMbwhitcomb1
Thanks, Lilia and Gip. I appreciate your comments.
🕐 09-25-14 4:39 PMbwhitcomb1
Reflections in Marble
By: gip
Well seen. Superb.
🕐 09-25-14 4:34 PMbwhitcomb1
Manhattan sunset
By: lilia
Just awesome, Lilia. Captures the colors and light perfectly.
🕐 09-21-14 6:31 PMbwhitcomb1
Photo 46482
Nice colors in the background. The light is great in this portrait.
🕐 07-31-14 4:40 PMbwhitcomb1
San Cristobal de las Casas 3
By: itus49
I love the tones in this shot. Nicely done!
🕐 07-27-14 8:16 PMbwhitcomb1
In my Mother's house
Wow, Diane. I love your processing of this. It has your unique stamp on it and it's just a great shot.
🕐 07-27-14 8:13 PMbwhitcomb1
Photo 45414
Nicely done. Sometimes that full sun can wash out details, but there is nice balance here.
🕐 07-22-14 9:31 PMbwhitcomb1
Clouds come down to kiss the Earth
Great timing. What an amazing image, Diane.
🕐 07-3-14 2:43 PMbwhitcomb1
A Scene from Sturbridge Village
Thanks, Jim.
🕐 07-3-14 2:43 PMbwhitcomb1
Low tide at sunset
Ced, Huss and Jim: The comments are very much appreciated. Thanks!
🕐 06-29-14 9:25 PMbwhitcomb1
Tunnel Kids #2
Very effective frame and depth of field. Really interesting shot, Jim.
🕐 06-29-14 9:23 PMbwhitcomb1
Hollywood & Highland Station #2
Nice shot, Jim. Like the angle of perspective and lines in this one.
🕐 06-13-14 9:11 AMbwhitcomb1
By: sol
Lovely image, Sol.
🕐 06-13-14 9:07 AMbwhitcomb1
By: lilia
Interesting shadow. Nice capture, Lilia
🕐 06-13-14 9:06 AMbwhitcomb1
Doing the Math
Love the grain. Nice shot, Jim.
🕐 06-4-14 11:21 AMbwhitcomb1
Empty Bucket
Thanks, Huss.
🕐 05-30-14 9:02 PMbwhitcomb1
Smiling Passenger
John, Sol and Jim. Thank you for the comments.
🕐 05-30-14 9:00 PMbwhitcomb1
A Little Climber
Thanks very much, Lilia and Sol.
🕐 05-30-14 8:48 PMbwhitcomb1
In the park
Thank you, Lilia. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. I hope you are doing well and enjoying the weather in New York.
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