Comments by Brian Johnson

🕐 01-14-13 5:19 AMayresphoto
repair of 100 years old church clock
By: dierk
This is really great! It's just cool to look at.
🕐 01-14-13 5:17 AMayresphoto
may i..
Love this!
🕐 01-14-13 5:17 AMayresphoto
Ice fishing 10
Nice shot!! That's a big fish!
🕐 01-14-13 5:16 AMayresphoto
book lover
By: heoom
🕐 01-1-13 5:43 PMayresphoto
Waiting for release
So amazing!!
🕐 12-29-12 9:19 PMayresphoto
A fairy tale

Wow!! This is amazing! I really have no words. It looks so good I would say it is perfection!
🕐 12-28-12 8:46 PMayresphoto
Photo 25707
This is simply beautiful!
🕐 12-28-12 8:43 PMayresphoto
Great Shot!! I timing was perfect!!
🕐 12-28-12 8:42 PMayresphoto
morning mist
By: dierk
This is amazing!! The Leica Monochrome is amazing but as we all know it is the photographer that makes the picture. The camera is just the tool!
🕐 12-28-12 8:40 PMayresphoto
Disney Kiss
Amazing shot!! I love the composition
🕐 12-28-12 8:35 PMayresphoto
Photo 5717
By: JT
Great Shot! It makes me want to be there!
🕐 12-18-12 6:05 PMayresphoto
Fisherman's dream
popflash photo
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