Comments by J. E. Sanchez

🕐 12-7-18 7:21 AMmindrn
Photo 100487
Nice legs!
🕐 12-5-18 8:25 AMmindrn
Don't mess with Mr Cat. Not having a good day.
🕐 10-27-16 7:01 PMmindrn
Gorgeous legs!
🕐 09-29-16 7:19 PMmindrn
German Town of Fredericksburg, Texas
By: mindrn
Yes, coming up next week!
🕐 09-29-16 6:23 AMmindrn
The roofs of Barrea
By: itus49
🕐 08-8-16 11:27 AMmindrn
Baroque church Wilhering 3
By: heinzx
Danke Schon
🕐 08-8-16 10:58 AMmindrn
Chapel and Cave
By: mindrn
To N.W.
Peer feedback is part of growth and development. That is why we are here for the feedback to make us better.
Very respectfully,
🕐 08-7-16 7:55 PMmindrn
Baroque church Wilhering 3
By: heinzx
Very impressive photo! Love it
Any idea of the lens used for the photo?
🕐 08-6-16 9:38 AMmindrn
Chapel and Cave
By: mindrn
You are right! I am learning how to use Lightroom to get it right. Thank you for the feedback JE
🕐 08-5-16 4:01 PMmindrn
Photo 7454
Platanos verdes!
🕐 08-2-16 6:47 PMmindrn
Surrealism by nature (reflection mirrored)
By: heinzx
Resemble of Salvador Dali paintings
🕐 08-2-16 11:19 AMmindrn
House by the river (Germany)
By: mindrn
Exactly! What is interesting is the water marks in the house/stairs, meaning that the water can get as higher as the last step!
🕐 07-31-16 8:47 PMmindrn
By: mindrn
Photo was taken in Garmisch, Germany
🕐 07-20-16 11:46 PMmindrn
Ivy Lee
She is gorgeous and the skin tone superb.
🕐 07-31-12 12:45 PMmindrn
Photo 5743
Very beautiful photo!
🕐 07-30-12 12:22 PMmindrn
Candle Lights
By: mindrn
Thank you.
🕐 07-26-12 6:28 AMmindrn
Just beautiful!
🕐 07-26-12 6:10 AMmindrn
Bench & Booth
Love this image!
🕐 07-26-12 6:07 AMmindrn
Very nice image of fast food and " Agua de Coco" Thank you
🕐 07-25-12 12:43 AMmindrn
Lake Powell Sunrise
Very nice photo and amazing blue.

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