Comments by Glen Charles

🕐 08-26-19 6:37 AMwaeshael
American Ibis
By: gip
fabulous picture.
🕐 10-23-18 2:35 PMwaeshael
Photo - 100772
Lovely art!
🕐 06-3-18 11:18 AMwaeshael
Ball on the Boardwalk
Nice picture, Wanted to get together with you but the family took all my time. Did a wedding with the LC5. Talk to you on the Net when I get home.
🕐 05-30-18 4:24 AMwaeshael
By: gip
Lovely capture and picture.
🕐 05-30-18 4:22 AMwaeshael
Photo 21967
It is as if the lone visitor is being observed by all stationary objects in the room. An illustration about loneliness perhaps. Of course it must have resonated with Sol as it is one of her themes also, It is a very good picture.
🕐 05-24-18 3:36 AMwaeshael
Photo 100028
Hi OM: I am in UK to shoot a wedding (brothers) tomorrow. I decided to bring three LC5s, a SONY NEX and an old FZ5 because of its zoom and Leica Elmarit lens. I expect that most of the shots will be with the LC5. I left all the heavy cameras at home due to weight limits of carry on (22 lbs for all cameras and computers combined.) Wx so far is sunny. Spent a week in Barcelona so may post a few of them. I talked with Dave Little a bit. He is shooting Ilford film with a IIIg, and digital with M-8 as backup. He says Kodak is going to produce Ektachrome in USA. I may dust off my M-6!
🕐 05-1-18 12:40 PMwaeshael
Did you do your own processing? If so, what are you using for developer, and is this FP4 film?
🕐 04-24-18 4:25 AMwaeshael
I like it.
🕐 04-24-18 4:21 AMwaeshael
Wood Duck
By: gip
Nice capture!
How much wood would a wood duck chuck if a wood duct could chuck wood? Just asking. Cheers!
🕐 09-8-17 3:45 PMwaeshael
Guess what
Thanks for the comment: The battery went dead on my Nex-5, so I had to resort to my iPad. I rotated the frame to get rid of some distracting flooring, then cropped it.
🕐 07-6-16 1:26 PMwaeshael
A Great Blue Heron
By: gip
Yes a nice combo
🕐 03-14-16 6:41 PMwaeshael
Egrets on the fence
By: gip
Fascinating group
🕐 02-29-16 4:45 PMwaeshael
By: gip
🕐 02-28-16 1:07 PMwaeshael
By: bijan
🕐 11-15-15 5:16 PMwaeshael
By: gip
Lovely lighting
🕐 09-30-15 5:23 PMwaeshael
Photo 52528
By: sol
You know I like this one! Great picture. Lovely colors. Magic.
🕐 09-9-15 6:47 AMwaeshael
Photo 52078
By: sol
Glad to see you shooting with the D-Lux 4 again.
🕐 07-4-15 8:52 AMwaeshael
Greece and the Troika
I am hoping for the best with the Referendum on Sunday.
🕐 06-25-15 4:40 PMwaeshael
Members of the GOP?
I think it was the CSV 15mm lens on the NEX-5. The original shows a little purple coloration in the corners and that is typical of the CSV 15mm on the APSC sensor of this camera. There is no EXIF info on the lens as it doesn't couple to the body electronically, and I didn't have a way to enter the data manually at that time.
🕐 06-13-15 4:13 AMwaeshael
Red Tail
By: gip
You have captured very nice texture in the feathers.
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