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🕐 08-27-11 3:11 PMmweaverpics posted Click to view details
Carter Millburg
Photo by: mweaverpics
He had just eaten a clover blossom. The remainder of it is in his left hand hidden by another clover blossom.

Glad you liked it.
🕐 08-19-11 11:47 AMmweaverpics posted Click to view details
Preparing to Jump
Photo by: mweaverpics
(Jerseyville, IL) This girl from the Staunton IL High School track team just seemed as if she could not make up her mind about going over the hurdle. It was a sunny, but cool day as she followed all of the other runners.

The crowd is watching the finish line.

The Snyder Sports Complex in Jerseyville is where the Jersey High School team hosted the co-ed track meet.
🕐 08-19-11 9:58 AMmweaverpics posted Click to view details
The Bench
Photo by: mweaverpics
(Jacksonville, IL) This is an image from the 2011 West Central Illinois All Star football game that was held at Illinois College. The north and south teams are comprised of recently graduated high school seniors that are invited to participate.

For many of the players this is the last time they will play football as part of a team. As you can see the uniforms and equipment is a bit different from player to player with only the jersey being the same.

These players are watching the last few minutes of the game from the bench.

The "North" team did not win.
🕐 08-19-11 9:00 AMmweaverpics posted Click to view details
(Virginia, IL) Marty Stuart & His Fantastic Superlatives
Photo by: mweaverpics
Another frame from the Virginia IL BBQ of Marty Stuart performing. The crowd shot with the buildings in the background were waiting for this show.

I decided to keep this as a color image rather than convert it to B&W. The lighting was bad and the color temperature of the lights was all different.

These musicians perform in all different kinds of venues and I decided to keep it color to give a little bit more of the flavor of the conditions they perform in as they go from one performance to another.

From left to right: Harry Stinson, Kenny Vaughan, Paul Martin and Marty Stuart
🕐 08-19-11 8:29 AMmweaverpics posted Click to view details
(Virginia IL) Waiting for Marty Stuart
Photo by: mweaverpics
I was surprised this image was usable considering the lighting was so bad, the camera was hand held and the shutter speed was so long. Even looking at the display after the shot I wasn't sure.

These people are waiting for country music performer Marty Stuart to begin a performance in Virginia IL at the annual BBQ that raises funds to keep up the town square. Most of the buildings you see in the background are not occupied and the money raised goes to keeping them repaired.

I had been shooting baseball most of the day and stopped to try the BBQ. I decided to stay and shoot a few frames. Immediately before this frame was shot and before the show was to start, an intense thunderstorm passed over that almost destroyed the tents. The storm passed within minutes, the air temperature dropped and everyone returned for the show.

The BBQ tasted great too.