Comments by Ninni

🕐 03-26-13 4:51 AMninni
Five points
By: ninni
Thank you very much. I really appreciate your comments
🕐 03-13-13 2:50 AMninni
Life Goes By
is this the man of another of your wonderful shot ? I remember his face.
Great job.
🕐 02-19-13 2:36 PMninni
fishermen at rest
By: ninni
Mike, thanks again. :)
🕐 02-19-13 2:13 PMninni
fishermen at rest
By: ninni
Ok, thanks for your comments. I appreciate.
(just one thing: my name is Ninni :))))
🕐 01-29-13 10:11 AMninni
Commuters Kolkata
Fantastic shot. This series could be a great book.
🕐 01-22-13 10:04 AMninni
The rest
By: ninni
The tomato pickers in Italy are referred to as "slaves of modern times."
Endless hours of hard work, and largely tolerated by the authorities for economic reasons, which is paid only 15-20 euro per day and then come home in squalid makeshift camps without running water or electricity.
The Dr Alvise Benelli of Doctors Without Borders says: "They end up living in conditions that are often worse than those in which they lived at home."
(Silvia Aloisio for
🕐 01-2-13 11:42 PMninni
Photo 25557
By: mek
Fantastic light and great shot.
🕐 08-14-12 2:00 AMninni
The rest in the heart of the ship
By: ninni
thanks for your kind comments
🕐 04-28-12 3:54 AMninni
Photo 22503
By: cancan
Suspension of time and space. Old and new together. All beautiful in this image.
🕐 04-28-12 3:50 AMninni
Photo 22618
By: jg
Great street shot. Beautiful.
🕐 04-28-12 3:46 AMninni
Hindu Temple Bangalore
Four figures in the same pic is perfect. I can follow the image like a wave.
🕐 04-28-12 3:44 AMninni
Hindu Temple Bangalore
what else can we say ? just waiting for a book with all these images and just waiting for a lesson regarding the use of the lights. Great Jeremy.
🕐 04-28-12 3:40 AMninni
Photo 22614
I like the bw and the atmosphere. Good shot.
🕐 04-28-12 3:39 AMninni
Swinging On Santa Monica
Perfect composition. Beautiful shot.
🕐 04-26-12 5:44 AMninni
Photo 22607
By: ninni
thankyou Diane
🕐 04-23-12 2:34 AMninni
Five points
By: ninni
Thanks for all the comments.
🕐 04-19-12 2:35 PMninni
Five points
By: ninni
Three comments from the bigs. Wow, thanks to all of you.
🕐 04-15-12 12:06 PMninni
Human forms
By: ninni
You are right Andre and i appreciate every comment. I uploaded the uncut version and this is the original but let's try to imagine the world before or without photoshop. Thanks again
🕐 03-31-12 2:37 AMninni
Goat Trader at the end of a long day. Mathikere
The eyes, the eyes, the eyes ! A great portrait is when the eyes of the subject capture immediately the gaze of the watcher. This is a great portrait from a great photographer. Can't stop to watch this photo.
🕐 03-16-12 2:13 AMninni
no title
By: cancan
with a figure near the window it could be perfect; anyway it's a beautiful and elegant pic. Good job.
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