Comments by David Hunter

🕐 04-8-11 10:40 PMdavidhunternyc
The Eiffel Tower at Night
Very Nice. To tell you the truth, I saw the title of your photo before your photo (if that's possible) and I thought to myself, how on earth can anyone photograph such an iconic and overexposed cliche with fresh eyes? Then I took a look at your photo and I was very impressed. It's a beautiful photograph, yes, but at the same time this photo gets out of the way and lets the massiveness, delicacy, and bravura of Eiffel's interlaced girded steel tower take center stage.
🕐 03-21-11 9:04 PMdavidhunternyc
bye bye mum
Very Poignant.
🕐 03-19-11 11:36 PMdavidhunternyc
Angel's Kiss
By: hobb3
Yes, this photo is surreal, weird, fascinating, and excellently crafted all at the same time.
🕐 03-19-11 11:28 PMdavidhunternyc
By: hobb3
Truly terrific. I only wish the boys in my neighborhood were that easily and innocently entertained. A true slice of life and a "forever remembered" moment. I hope, when these boys grow up, that they will remember this very ordinary but very special time together.
🕐 03-18-11 10:17 PMdavidhunternyc
Times Square
Thanks Ioss and Sol. I feel very fortunate that I was able to get this shot.
🕐 03-18-11 12:04 AMdavidhunternyc
Photo 13890
By: dierk
Very pretty photograph... and the life in those eyes and the lines in that supple skin are so much richer than the slick aritifice of magazine models and psuedo-icons celebrated by the media. Your photo has gravity.
🕐 03-9-11 9:21 PMdavidhunternyc
Forever remembered
Your story reinforces your photograph. It is intriguing how a photo can become far more powerful when an emotional investment is involved. At first I thought this was just a photo of a dog on a porch but now I feel your heart tremoring. Simply beautiful.
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