Comments by Smk

🕐 07-20-11 6:59 AMsmkoush
Photo 6952
By: lager
I just came across this photograph, and it is a masterpiece. One can write a whole story based on this photograph.
🕐 06-24-11 11:26 AMsmkoush
Photo 16412
Very nice capture! It contains two separate stories.
🕐 06-22-11 8:40 AMsmkoush
Curious Children
Very good! I like this a lot! Do you know what they were looking at?
🕐 06-18-11 6:02 PMsmkoush
Porto da Barra Beach, Salvador, Brazil
You captured the right moment. Excellent work. I like the tilted aspect of it.
🕐 06-18-11 5:59 PMsmkoush
man and dog, London underground
Excellent! Very nice capture.
🕐 06-17-11 7:52 AMsmkoush
Photo 10639
wow! very very nice!
🕐 06-17-11 7:51 AMsmkoush
Photo 10961
🕐 06-17-11 7:50 AMsmkoush
Photo 16808
Thank you both for your nice comments.
🕐 06-15-11 5:59 AMsmkoush
Photo 16808
Hmmm...good question, I generally feel bad taking photos of people in need. In this case I stood there listening to him for few minutes (he was quite good!), gave him a euro (he winked), snapped the photo and moved on.
🕐 06-15-11 5:57 AMsmkoush
Photo 16796
🕐 06-14-11 5:49 AMsmkoush
Photo 16734
Thanks! I stood there waiting for someone riding a bicycle to ride through the small street to the right, but after 20 minutes I had to make do with this shot and move on.
🕐 06-13-11 10:10 AMsmkoush
Photo 16751
popflash photo

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