Comments by Joseph Gilbert

🕐 02-10-13 1:58 PMjoey
Photo 6532
Timeless photograph, Ashwin. I love the detail revealed by the shadows, and the composition.

Best Regards,

🕐 01-20-12 3:44 PMjoey
georgia 1
By: cancan
Great photograph, and technically challenging too!
🕐 01-20-12 3:37 PMjoey
Garrett McCutchen
By: joey
Leika, evje: Thank you very much, Joey
🕐 01-15-12 6:14 PMjoey
Garrett McCutchen
By: joey
Thank you all for the wonderful compliments. I left the house this day to relax and find a few things in town to photograph. I had given up and pulled into a little place I'd never been for a quick lunch. There I met the gracious fellow. He set down his lunch and played for me, interjecting colorful stories along the way. Was a great day.
🕐 11-30-11 8:10 AMjoey
Bathroom Reading
By: joey
Thanks for the observations and compliment. You are correct about the dof, no doubt. When I shot this, I thought I was at 3200, and was fighting for a steady shot. I had to hold the door open for light, as the wall surfaces were a glossy finish, and overhead light created problems. Despite it's short commings, I was taken by the positive nature of comments.

🕐 11-7-11 1:30 PMjoey
By: joey
Thank you!
🕐 11-3-11 10:10 AMjoey
By: joey
Thank you, Ken! My wife was being channeled; DON'T SPEND MORE MONEY! ;)
🕐 11-3-11 10:09 AMjoey
Sunrise - Derbyshire - Christmas
I love winter beauty, and this photo reminds me why. Very nice!
🕐 11-1-11 4:45 PMjoey
Photo 19979
By: jcr33
Stunning light!
🕐 10-13-11 8:39 AMjoey
MP delta 3
The photograph melts away, and all that's left, is an intimate feeling.. Superb.
🕐 08-7-11 8:38 AMjoey
Photo 11402
Beautiful engagement with subject.
🕐 08-7-11 8:35 AMjoey
Candy machine
Incredible color Diane! Beautiful...
🕐 08-7-11 8:32 AMjoey
Photo 17928
By: joey
Thank you.
🕐 08-7-11 8:30 AMjoey
Beautiful portrait. The feelings of ease, happiness and comfort speak loudly.. Kudos.
🕐 08-4-11 8:47 AMjoey
River house
By: joey
Thank you!
🕐 07-7-11 1:11 PMjoey
Wow..Beautiful impact!
🕐 07-7-11 1:10 PMjoey
Really beautiful! Strikes me as an oddly apocalyptic vision.. Strong mother, guiding children....
🕐 06-3-11 3:28 PMjoey
Photo 16553
By: joey
Thank you all for the nice comments. I think the X1 is remarkable.
🕐 05-3-11 8:05 PMjoey
By: joey
Thank you jean-ber. I have attempted this photo in the past with other cameras, yet the color was always a challenge. The X1 handled it beautifully.
🕐 05-3-11 7:58 PMjoey
By: joey
Thank you Diaduck. This is from the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. 25 years ago The Blue Angels retired the A4 and transitioned to the F18. I left the Team in 1988 and it is hard to believe so much time has passed. The old bottles reminded me of being a kid again and couldn't resist up the opportunity to try and get a decent shot.
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