Comments by Randall Kelley

🕐 05-26-11 11:11 AMrkzerok
Building and Truck
Thanks. I shot it without any vehicles, then with a car going by. When I saw the truck coming I knew I wanted it in there. (He was moving pretty quick, so I was happy with the shutter timing). But the original had either the truck too dark, or I would loose the deep green of the building. Thank goodness for Viveza software to be able to burn in the truck without loosing the other colors. I posted the set showing the process on the photo site where I put up my practice stuff (full resolution). If interested you can see it here:
🕐 05-26-11 11:05 AMrkzerok
Anchor, Fisherman's Terminal
Thanks diaduck, It was tough with the 28 as I wear glasses and can't see both sides of the frame at the same time, so it took several tries to get it exactly where I wanted it.
🕐 05-17-11 3:29 AMrkzerok
Photo 14825
Love this one!
🕐 05-17-11 3:28 AMrkzerok
Le Moulin St Pierre Les Taillades 84 (Vaucluse) France
Love the textures.
🕐 05-17-11 3:26 AMrkzerok
Fisherman's Terminal, Seattle
Thank you Jean!
🕐 05-16-11 8:03 PMrkzerok
Watching me watching you
Would love to hear your pp on this. Incredible!
🕐 05-16-11 8:01 PMrkzerok
Family Joy at catching me out Kolkata Station
I love dueling photographers!!! Excellent capture!
🕐 05-16-11 8:00 PMrkzerok
Anywhere will do Delhi
Beautiful shot!
🕐 05-16-11 7:49 PMrkzerok
Photo 12904
Please keep posting. These are very nice photos. Your simplicity is virtuoso!
🕐 05-16-11 7:47 PMrkzerok
Photo 12903
This is a simple and clean and perfect as a photo can get. Awesome job!
🕐 04-25-11 3:00 PMrkzerok
Photo 15412
Really loved the photos, great place and nice images. Questioning a bit the reason for placement on Leica Images website when no stated Leica equipment was used. Were some shot with Leica glass and adapters of some sort?
🕐 04-15-11 3:26 PMrkzerok
I sort of felt that way when I stumbled on the effect while trying to salvage a seriously flawed (backlight totally fooled the M9) image. I liked so many things about it that I just started to play. I often find the accidents are the most fun.

Thanks a lot for the comment.
🕐 04-15-11 9:25 AMrkzerok
Nice shot. I love when I see a picture and am instantly transported back to a place I have been. Especially when the person captured some detail that I missed and it just adds to the memory. Great job.
🕐 04-7-11 1:04 PMrkzerok
Wonderful. I recognized this building from our trip last fall immediately, even though it is such a small part of the building. I echo the thought that this is wonderfully composed. It also is a good example of where a longer focal length can push a photo to something more memorable than just a shot of the whole. I shot several of the building but I had my 28mm Elemerit lens on and didn't feel any of the results conveyed the real "feel" of the building that I had when I saw it. This shot does just that. Thanks for posting.
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