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🕐 08-14-14 4:21 PMbggyb
Photo 45843
By: bggyb
Thank you Ced!
🕐 08-14-14 4:18 PMbggyb
Photo 45849
By: bggyb
Hello, Thank you for the comments. The photo was taken in The Canadian Rockies, in Kananaskis Country at Burstall Pass.The lens info is incorrect - it is actually the Zeiss 25 f/2.8 at f11 I think. Regards
🕐 02-4-14 7:35 AMbggyb
Photo 41263
By: bggyb
Thank you ced!
🕐 02-4-14 7:01 AMbggyb
Photo 41308
By: bggyb
Thank you friedeye!
🕐 02-3-14 8:05 PMbggyb
Photo 41267
By: bggyb
Thank you ced!
🕐 01-28-14 7:32 AMbggyb
in a country churchyard
By: bggyb
Ced,Brian thank you for your comments -they are much appreciated!
I tried to go for an infrared effect, and maybe that is why the clouds and sky have the slightly washed- out look which I like. I'll try some darkening on the sky as you suggest and see if that works better.
🕐 01-23-14 4:05 PMbggyb
Winter days no.1
By: bggyb
Thank you for all the kind comments.
They did not sell a lot of ice cream that day.
🕐 01-23-14 3:58 PMbggyb
WInter Days no.8
By: bggyb
Thank you !
🕐 01-23-14 3:57 PMbggyb
Winter days no.10
By: bggyb
Thank you guys.
The city is actually Calgary and there is plenty of cold weather here too. Our mayor is not that weird though.
🕐 01-23-14 3:52 PMbggyb
Winter day no.7
By: bggyb
Hi guys,
Thank you for your comments!
I get these weird f stops values ever since my M8 returned from New Jersey where I had it sent for clean-up and QC. The lens I used here was my 35mm Summi at f/2. All my lenses (coded onesincluded) show now f stops between 16 and 27. Love my M8 though like the first day I got it.
🕐 05-3-13 7:29 PMbggyb
Plucelsy 81 Tarn France
beautiful shot
🕐 05-3-13 7:27 PMbggyb
By: horst
very good shot !
🕐 04-29-13 8:12 AMbggyb
Very good photo - I like it!
🕐 04-28-13 9:17 AMbggyb
Photo 29516
By: bggyb
Thank you guys!
Photo was taken early morning and it was really really cold, I think -32 degC or so.
🕐 04-28-13 9:14 AMbggyb
Photo 29517
By: bggyb
Thank you Jim. I need to make one correction, the photo was actually taken with my Leica M2.
🕐 04-25-13 6:59 AMbggyb
Photo 27986
By: polana
really good street shot!
🕐 04-25-13 6:53 AMbggyb
Photo 9987
Beautiful photo!
🕐 04-19-13 3:20 PMbggyb
Photo 29226
By: polana
Nice shot!
🕐 04-16-13 7:28 PMbggyb
Good Capture.
🕐 04-16-13 7:25 PMbggyb
Breaking free
By: bggyb
Thank you for your comments Mike.
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