Comments by Peter Elgar

🕐 03-5-16 5:29 AMelmarman
Full Aperture
Lucky you could translate the Chinese -- I did only FRENCH and LATIN at school --
🕐 03-4-16 6:38 AMelmarman
Impressions of a sweet wine (Constantia)
By: heinzx
you must have drunk to much -- it looks out of focus --- !!
🕐 12-16-15 5:20 AMelmarman
On the Corner, Brick Lane
I did a 16x12" darkroom print on Ilford Multigrade IV Glossy paper for my Club but it did not win anything !
🕐 02-23-15 7:23 AMelmarman
Tramp. Tower Bridge
Thanks -- I won FIRST AWARD in the last Print Competition at my Club for a 16x12" darkroom print on Ilford Multigrade Glossy for this photo.
🕐 02-16-13 7:57 AMelmarman
Indian Kuil
Your colour photo is just a 'Record Photo' of building technique but the B&W version turns it into a much more 'Pictorial' image.
🕐 02-16-13 7:54 AMelmarman
rainy day
By: lilia
You have used a black 'Vignette' to good effect here -- it makes the figures stand out better.
🕐 01-16-13 11:18 AMelmarman
Another Decisive Moment
Thanks -- I did a large darkroom print for my Camera Club but it did not win anything !
🕐 01-16-13 1:23 AMelmarman
The Leg
Thanks !! I did a 20x16" Exhibition print for my Camera Club and won an award !
🕐 11-29-12 9:43 AMelmarman
By: lilia
I bet the window-cleaner has to be careful he does not fall onto those sharp points !
🕐 11-29-12 9:42 AMelmarman
By: lilia
Very 'Graphic' and 'sharp-looking' .
🕐 11-29-12 9:41 AMelmarman
By: lilia
That lit street light 'makes' the composition as a 'centre point' -- very good -- you can come to England ( Brentwood ) Saturday as our Town Mayor is switching on the Christmas Lights at 1700 hrs ----
🕐 11-29-12 9:37 AMelmarman
Photo 24760
Great Colour Composition with the Blue against the Brown !
🕐 11-29-12 9:36 AMelmarman
Photo 24761
A good job the sky was BLUE and not grey overcast !! We have not seen the BLUE SKY here in England for many days and now all the leaves have fallen !
🕐 11-29-12 9:25 AMelmarman
Photo 24781
By: cancan
The Contre-Jour lighting is good but I feel the Mid-Tones need a little gentle 'lightening' . As it is a 'Digital' Leica you should be able to do this.
🕐 11-29-12 9:22 AMelmarman
Going to the chapel
By: jme
Good Bridal Portrait but I would have got rid of that white light bulb.
🕐 11-29-12 9:20 AMelmarman
neon rose
By: lilia
Really 'glows' like the original subject !
🕐 11-22-12 9:23 AMelmarman
Car Buffs
Thanks for viewing and your comments -- yes, this was used in a local newspaper.
🕐 09-25-12 12:40 AMelmarman
'The Leg'
Thanks for viewing and Comments -- I did a 20x16" Exhibition print of this in my darkroom with my Durst enlarger and it did well in print competitions in my Club.
🕐 09-21-12 2:44 AMelmarman
Photo 24083
Good action but cropped too tightly.
🕐 09-21-12 2:43 AMelmarman
Photo 24084
I do not think the Camera Shake 'adds' to this photo.
popflash photo

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