Comments by Jeremy Rata

🕐 08-3-12 9:23 AMsnaprat
Goat Trader at the end of a long day. Mathikere
I completely empathise with you Nick, I had my first Leica (an M7) for three years before I started using it regularly. I just didn't get it but I persevered and am so happy I did. :-)
🕐 07-16-12 2:51 AMsnaprat
Indian Male Traveller
Thank you Antonio :-)
🕐 07-14-12 12:41 AMsnaprat
The end of the line
Thank you all. It was a disused rail track so not so risky! :-)
🕐 07-14-12 12:40 AMsnaprat
Ava warms up
Thank you Sol, Antonio and Diane. I really appreciate your comments.:-)
🕐 07-13-12 6:00 AMsnaprat
Excellent capture. Perfect in every detail
🕐 07-13-12 6:00 AMsnaprat
By: nikki
Love this.
🕐 07-13-12 5:58 AMsnaprat
Photo 23400
By: johntp
This is a truly excellent series of photographs, documentary in style and very profound. Congratulations.
🕐 07-13-12 5:56 AMsnaprat
Marie Catherine B/W
I like!
🕐 07-11-12 9:19 AMsnaprat
Young Indian schoolgirl traveller
Thank you everyone. I appreciate the wonderful comments very much.
🕐 07-3-12 12:32 PMsnaprat
The Kings Palace Kabul (HDR)
Thanks Dan! Very much appreciated! :-)
🕐 07-3-12 12:32 PMsnaprat
Goat Trader at the end of a long day. Mathikere
Thank you Nick. Much appreciated! :-)
🕐 07-3-12 12:31 PMsnaprat
Blacksmith works the metal whilst son turns the wheel to keep the furnace burning Kabul
Thank you Sol! Always appreciated! :-)
🕐 06-28-12 2:33 PMsnaprat
The Kings Palace Kabul (HDR)
Thank you very much Antonio and Erik. The land in front was once a beautiful Italian garden. The splendour of the place has been replaced by a tragic beauty.
🕐 06-28-12 2:32 PMsnaprat
The Kings Palace Kabul (HDR)
Thank you Diane and Mindrn. Very much appreciated. It really is an awe inspiring place.
🕐 06-26-12 7:03 AMsnaprat
An abandoned gun enplacement The Kings Palace Kabul (HDR)
Thank you Antonio. Much appreciated. :-)
🕐 06-26-12 7:02 AMsnaprat
The Ballroom at the Kings Palace Kabul (HDR)
Thank you Antonio and Diane. Very much appreciated. When standing on the room you could feel the history and the amazing scenes that had taken place there before the tragic destruction during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan and the ensuing Civil War after their departure. For once the Taliban are not wholly to blame for this.
🕐 06-26-12 7:00 AMsnaprat
Guards pose unwillingly at the Kings Palace Kabul
Thank you verify much Dan
🕐 06-25-12 12:04 AMsnaprat
Station Beggar Jaipur
Thank you Dan, It is actually one of my absolute favourite images. I still think about the poor boy, I gave him 100 rupees (a whole £1.50!) much to the disgust of my guide.
🕐 06-25-12 12:02 AMsnaprat
Market Porters Delhi Spice Market
Thanks Dan, much appreciated
🕐 06-21-12 5:32 AMsnaprat
By: cancan
I really like this. Perfect capture.
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