Comments by Philip Chan

🕐 04-3-12 10:19 PMchiptw
Orchid, Mainau
By: mindrn
Wunderbar ;)
🕐 03-26-12 3:21 AMchiptw
the chair
By: dierk
Love the mood of your light and shadows, and isnsure making me lust after a 18 mm ;)
🕐 12-2-11 5:59 PMchiptw
Hungry Dog!
By: ioss
...a pooch with excellent taste...great capture :)
🕐 12-2-11 3:49 PMchiptw
My friend Natalie & her tattoes
By: chiptw
Thanks Stephen for the comment--took this in full sunlight, wide open & love how this picture turned out, as I focused on the tattoo itself--love Leica lens qualities :)
🕐 09-1-11 6:40 AMchiptw
Photo 13476
By: ioss
Really love all your beautiful photos in your inventory...shows me how much I still need to learn :). Need an assistant maestro?!
🕐 09-1-11 6:35 AMchiptw
Commuters Kolkata
Love this photo and the look of some of the passengers...the whole scene seems timeless--one can't tell what decade it is. You really have given an urge to go to India now....thanks.
🕐 09-1-11 12:44 AMchiptw
Waiting for the bus under the hot sun
By: chiptw
Sorry for my late reply...but thanks for the comment. Little scenes like this makes my day :)
🕐 09-1-11 12:02 AMchiptw
Local ice cream vendor w/ his horn
By: chiptw
Thank you ios and amjoretto--love taking pictures of local vendors, especially as they are slowly losing out to modern retail (convenient stores here). Street ice cream vendors here are called: "babu babu' = sound of the horn they are hooting with!
🕐 08-31-11 11:58 PMchiptw
Taiwan honor guard's goose step
By: chiptw
Thanks Ranahki, trying my best there :)
🕐 08-31-11 11:55 PMchiptw
Sun Shiny day:::London
Beautiful colors & contrast :)
🕐 08-31-11 11:54 PMchiptw
Rush hour 1:::London
Great! Where were you standing when you took this shot? Thanks.
🕐 08-31-11 11:53 PMchiptw
2 Icons:::London
Really nice...good viewpoint mate!
🕐 08-31-11 12:56 AMchiptw
Photo 12748
Wow...sure still need to learn a lot from you :)
🕐 08-31-11 12:52 AMchiptw
The Texter
Yes very nice Steve, using your 28mm lens aren't you really getting close there?
🕐 08-31-11 12:50 AMchiptw
"Everyone wipes their feet on poverty" German Saying
By: chiptw
Thank you for the nice appraisal. Still not sure if he slept on the street or just does not like to wear shoes.
🕐 08-30-11 5:56 PMchiptw
Anywhere will do Delhi
Yes love this picture and all your other Indian pictures that is beckoning me to go too :) Thank you!
🕐 08-30-11 9:36 AMchiptw
Bellissimo!! Seems like the past lives of the retirees is projected on the wall, their present lives now basked in the twilight shadow of time... :)
🕐 08-30-11 9:31 AMchiptw
Me gustas mucho! Seems like a lot life experience has flown through his life. :)
🕐 08-30-11 9:23 AMchiptw
Fashionable tattoo & matching hairclip of today's Taiwan young girls
By: chiptw
Thanks Chase for your comment...yes took a lot of patience for me to get it right as she was all the time. And it is a pretty 'interesting' tattoo.

🕐 08-16-11 7:29 PMchiptw
The beauty of Chinese caligraphy by a master
By: chiptw
Hartelijk bedankt voor uw advies :) Ik heb ongeveer 18 jaren in Antwerpen gewoont :) Philip

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