Comments by Diane Thies

🕐 12-31-15 10:04 AMdiaduck
I so rarely interact with leicaimages any more (having changed equipment), but if I could see more of this, my favorite cat in the world, it might urge me on. Eric, you have a wonderful photographic relationship with this long-haired being - I thoroughly enjoy your images.
🕐 08-17-14 7:53 AMdiaduck
By: cancan
Thank you for the explanation, Dan! Very simple when one thinks of it. And doesn't take the skill and heart to put out the magic that we see in your images.......
🕐 08-16-14 2:59 PMdiaduck
Photo 45757
By: millra
very strong work, and heartbreaking.
🕐 08-16-14 2:58 PMdiaduck
Tivoli 'Abstract'
A terrific image, full of beauty and happiness. Excellent work.
🕐 08-16-14 2:57 PMdiaduck
Bird Bath
Delightful to see them enjoying themselves - good work.
🕐 08-16-14 2:55 PMdiaduck
Reinforcing Mesh.
By: ced
Wonderful work, becoming abstract in its viewing.
🕐 08-16-14 2:54 PMdiaduck
Inner architecture 3
By: heinzx
Wonderful work with color, texture, and line - nicely done.
🕐 08-16-14 2:49 PMdiaduck
By: cancan
very nicely placed, those two women - your framing is great in this.
🕐 08-16-14 2:48 PMdiaduck
By: cancan
Can you tell me how this is done, Dan? I've seen another image that shows one of these magicians, and it's pretty amazing. I love that you captured the two fellows off to the side, watching.
🕐 08-16-14 2:46 PMdiaduck
Summer day in Finland
A delightful image, easily giving us the sense of joy and playfulness in the setting.
🕐 08-16-14 2:45 PMdiaduck
Photo 45806
By: sol
The older woman so subdued, with all the activity and colors surrounding her - a story told quickly and fully.
🕐 08-16-14 2:44 PMdiaduck
Photo 45706
By: sol
The magic of color is apparent in this, along with your exquisite touch.
🕐 08-16-14 2:43 PMdiaduck
By: lilia
Lovely shot, Lilia, with those primary colors really giving it an extra pizzaz.
🕐 08-16-14 2:42 PMdiaduck
Photo 45823
By: lilia
Wonderful colors and that upright composition works so beautifully.
🕐 08-16-14 2:41 PMdiaduck
Photo 45753
All the beauty of summer in a single image - love the light and colors.
🕐 08-16-14 2:40 PMdiaduck
In the streets of San Cristobal de las Casas 2
By: itus49
And we continue, worldwide, to let this happen. Thoughtful image, and well done.
🕐 08-16-14 2:40 PMdiaduck
Agua Azul Waiterfall
By: itus49
Beautiful scenery and caught beautifully.
🕐 08-16-14 2:35 PMdiaduck
Road end Cottage
Wonderful pastoral scene, inviting us in for a visit.
🕐 08-16-14 2:34 PMdiaduck
Vintage tractor
I do love old machinery and you've caught this one beautifully.
🕐 08-16-14 2:33 PMdiaduck
Golden Gate
By: rsd
Great shot of this iconic spot - that sky is just gorgeous.
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