Comments by Derrick Gilbert

🕐 07-3-15 8:10 PMderrickgilbert
River Passage
Lens - Voiglander 50mm 1.5.
🕐 06-26-15 11:14 PMderrickgilbert
Leica IIF
🕐 06-26-15 11:14 PMderrickgilbert
The River
Leica IIF
🕐 03-30-13 4:16 AMderrickgilbert
Hard Choice
A hard choice to compare.
🕐 03-30-13 4:07 AMderrickgilbert
Spring in Singapore

I have just acquired the D-Lux 6. Wonderful camera. I also had the 5.
I've used Leica most of the time. There is a magic about the photos taken.
I have some old lenses that are super. Thanks for enjoying my photo; Cheers
🕐 07-4-11 4:48 PMderrickgilbert
Tree house
Great Shot.
🕐 04-30-11 7:14 PMderrickgilbert
Photo 15583
By: dierk
Excellent Composition. Well done. B&W is so beautiful.
🕐 04-29-11 6:30 PMderrickgilbert
Two birds 2
Selective colouring in NIK silver EFEX Pro 2 software
🕐 04-20-11 5:39 PMderrickgilbert
Not Leica but ???!!
I did not have my Leica with me but cannot resist posting this shot. Enjoy.
🕐 04-20-11 4:43 PMderrickgilbert
Swamp Land
Yes. This is S. Buloh in Singapore. Post work with Nik HDR software.
🕐 04-14-11 3:35 AMderrickgilbert
Thru the Storm
Taken through heavy rain, at full zoom. Time 4.00 pm, Singapore.
🕐 03-12-11 4:27 PMderrickgilbert
Father Forever Remembered
A father remembered. 22 years on.
🕐 03-1-11 4:31 PMderrickgilbert
Tree Climbing Crabs in the Mangrove Swamp. At high tide they have to get out of their holes and remain still so as not to be eaten by birds. In their holes the fish would get them. That's Life.
🕐 02-3-11 8:51 PMderrickgilbert
Street Dweller Delhi
Excellent shot. Well done.
🕐 01-15-11 12:55 AMderrickgilbert
Photo 11965
Traditional straits settlement chinese shop house.
🕐 01-15-11 12:49 AMderrickgilbert
Photo 11963
Monitor Lizard in a pond
🕐 01-15-11 12:48 AMderrickgilbert
Photo 11964
Paper house offering for the dead (Chinese Tradition)
popflash photo
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