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🕐 01-18-11 4:35 AMdanlindberg
Photo 12061
Thanks guys :)
50 summicron @ 5,6
🕐 12-28-10 8:38 AMdanlindberg
Photo 10569
Thanks, and the great thing is that those colours are not tweaked either. This is what it looked like :)
🕐 12-28-10 8:37 AMdanlindberg
Photo 10753
Thanks a lot guys :) It really is a nice village up in the mountains, I keep coming back here...
🕐 12-22-10 5:29 AMdanlindberg
Photo 10569
Thank you mdriscoll :)
I waited a looong time for something to happen here with the camera triggerready on a tripod.
🕐 11-19-10 10:12 AMdanlindberg
Photo 7244
Thanks guys! Appreciate it :)

Sol, gracias, de verdad. Estoy mas veces en los parques naturales en Andalucia que Suecia buscando paisajes, pero en vez en cuando encuentro algo bonito en mi tierra tambien! La pega ahora es que solo tengo un lente nada mas. La espera de lentes Leica es tremendo.....
🕐 11-3-10 1:33 AMdanlindberg
Photo 7670
Thank you administrator :)

The village is CASARES in south of Spain. Shot a couple of weeks ago.
🕐 10-30-10 9:28 AMdanlindberg
Photo 7244
Thanks ashwinrao!

Funny enough it was the very last image I took after 4 hours out in the countryside looking for Leica scenes. Isn't that just typical...:)
🕐 10-29-10 3:07 PMdanlindberg
Photo 7244
Thanks Dierk :)

I'll post every now and then....especially with new inspiration from getting to know the M9.
🕐 10-29-10 9:10 AMdanlindberg
Photo 6233
Oh yes :) Nicely done!
popflash photo

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