Comments by Ian

🕐 11-3-10 4:04 AMiansky
cupcake catherine
Got a serious smoking problem there - 2 at once!
🕐 11-3-10 4:03 AMiansky
cupcake ladies
🕐 11-3-10 4:02 AMiansky
Photo 7620
A nice image that give's the impression of two young lads dreaming of what will be
🕐 11-3-10 3:58 AMiansky
Photo 7666
By: dierk
Nice colours
🕐 11-3-10 3:58 AMiansky
Photo 7667
By: dierk
Nice image Dierk - the tools give the impression that the bread is so hard that you need this to eat it.......
🕐 11-3-10 3:56 AMiansky
Photo 7691
By: artwo
The complete opposite to London's underground that is too full. This is the way to travel.
🕐 11-3-10 3:50 AMiansky
Photo 7724
By: dierk
I like the luminosity of the flowers on this.
🕐 11-3-10 3:49 AMiansky
Photo 7723
By: dierk
Beautiful - this has a real vibrance about it and it reaches out from the image to pull you in.
🕐 11-3-10 3:47 AMiansky
Photo 7753
I really like this image with it's contrast in building shapes and the hard contrast of buildings and trees, grass and the main subject relaxing on the grass.
The toning works well.
popflash photo

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