Comments by Daniel

🕐 11-6-10 6:40 PMdaniel sun
Photo 8076
Uploaded this for fun. Any clue what this is? No processing besides scanning of the negative into jpeg format :-)

Have a good weekend!
🕐 10-25-10 6:34 AMdaniel sun
Photo 6772
I like close up shots of flowers, this is as close as I can get with my 50mm Summilux :-)
🕐 10-23-10 5:23 PMdaniel sun
Photo 6604
A Chinese sinseh at work outside the Sri Krishnan temple in Bugis. I see him at work every weekend and he always has patients.

It's a secret fantasy of mine to snap him with my M6 just as he's inserting an accupuncture needle into my leg. I think it'll make a great pic. Problem is... I'm scared of needles !!
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