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🕐 03-26-11 9:45 AMbsgraupner
Summer Cascade
Baloons fall during Kaskade's performance at Lollapalooza - This image was burned into my memory because it was the last throw of Summer in Chicago before a long, hard winter, it was shortly before I started my first difficult year of graduate school at the University of Chicago, and also because it was the festival was my last good memory I had with a girlfriend of seven years before we broke up. It was the end of an amazng Summer of festivals and fun, my first back in Chicago after years away, and the end of a multifaceted era of my life. Just looking at his image conjures up all sorts of emotions and memories for me, cascading onto me like the baloons in the image.
🕐 11-14-10 6:06 PMbsgraupner
Photo 6183
🕐 11-14-10 5:57 PMbsgraupner
Photo 6756
By: ioss
Wow! I don't understand the picture info- it says you used a Elmarit at F1?
🕐 11-14-10 5:55 PMbsgraupner
Photo 8655
:-) Thanks!
🕐 11-13-10 9:07 PMbsgraupner
Photo 8652
View through the old windows of the Oriental Institute's reading room
🕐 11-13-10 9:00 PMbsgraupner
Photo 6184
It's the Aqua building in Chicago. I think it's supposed to be puddles in the sand. Got named top skyscraper in the world for 2009!
🕐 11-13-10 8:57 PMbsgraupner
Photo 8653
Riding my bicycle through University of Chicago Quadrangle
🕐 10-19-10 5:35 PMbsgraupner
Photo 6183
Thanks- and very nice!
🕐 10-19-10 5:29 PMbsgraupner
Photo 6192
popflash photo
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