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🕐 09-8-12 2:04 PMtechdoctor posted Click to view details
Photo by: techdoctor
The Museum of Islamic Art, Doha is a great building with intricate designs everywhere. This image shows three floors of the building, from the inside.
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🕐 07-7-12 2:56 PMtechdoctor posted Click to view details
Lily in the living room
Photo by: techdoctor
Hi Diaduck,
Thanks for the comments. You would be surprised that the image was shot handheld in dull fluorescent lighting.

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🕐 11-3-10 8:43 AMtechdoctor posted Click to view details
Photo 6105
Photo by: techdoctor
Thanks daped. The LC1 is an amazing camera at ISO100. Needs decent light for that.

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