Comments by Ron Sinclair

🕐 02-25-11 9:14 AMrustedchrome
Thanks Joey. I am near Philadelphia actually. I have relatives in Baton Rouge but I haven't been there in many years.
🕐 02-2-11 9:04 AMrustedchrome
I made some edits with the comments provided. I didn't go too overboard with the brightening and darkening as I wanted to keep it looking natural. The ear is not so hot now and the eye is a bit brighter. Thanks again for the feedback
🕐 02-1-11 9:59 AMrustedchrome
@hobb3: Thanks for the tips. I didn't look at it in that way. I'll see what I can do to improve it.
🕐 12-29-10 11:09 AMrustedchrome
NYC Gothic
Thanks. Not split-toned, just a scene with almost no color on an overcast day.
🕐 12-16-10 9:25 PMrustedchrome
Photo 10439
This is very nice. Good job!
🕐 12-16-10 9:24 PMrustedchrome
Photo 10453
Very nice portrait. Nice separation of the background to make the subject really pop.
🕐 12-16-10 9:23 PMrustedchrome
Photo 10450
Nice capture of the light on this lovely model.
🕐 10-20-10 1:51 AMrustedchrome
Thank you. I had a 6' white reflector bouncing the light onto her.
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