Comments by Zach

🕐 04-24-11 7:11 AMzblake
"I Wanna Rock With You"
Good one. You got the girls feeling a little awkward and the older man with the "come on, its just a little music babe!".
🕐 04-20-11 4:15 AMzblake
Florence 2007
By: loik
Great moment and composition.
🕐 04-18-11 6:27 PMzblake
Yes, quite nice.
🕐 04-17-11 4:20 PMzblake
Headless and legless
Wonderful moment. Thanks.
🕐 04-16-11 8:48 AMzblake
I See The Light!
Very nice! Love the composition, tone, and geometry of this shot!
🕐 04-14-11 7:35 PMzblake
Photo 14960
Great moment. Love it.
🕐 04-9-11 9:42 AMzblake
Wow, great image my man!
🕐 03-31-11 4:24 AMzblake
Who is that?
Yes, great all around moment. Well done.
🕐 03-21-11 10:40 AMzblake
Recovery Rd
🕐 03-17-11 8:22 PMzblake
Photo 13906
Excellent composition and timing. This is a wonder moment captured.
🕐 03-17-11 2:15 PMzblake
Eternal Shade
Love it. We should Photoshop my "Zombie-Baby" picture into this one and we'd have a down-right ghastly scene!

🕐 03-16-11 7:08 PMzblake
Walking Tall
Yes, this is a great moment captured with a fantastic feel.
🕐 03-1-11 4:42 PMzblake
The Artist
🕐 02-28-11 2:20 PMzblake
First New Year!
Great street my man. Great street!
🕐 01-10-11 6:16 PMzblake
Many Dimensions
Love this one. Excellent!
🕐 01-5-11 5:30 PMzblake
Photo 11579
Wonderful moment / capture!
🕐 01-3-11 6:40 PMzblake
Village in Bamiyan Afghanistan
Yes, this is fantastic. Well done and congratulations!
🕐 12-31-10 5:42 AMzblake
Sleeping Rickshaw Driver Delhi
I have loads of shots on and, just none here (I don't have any Leica equipment)....

Cheers and Happy New Year!
🕐 12-30-10 2:27 PMzblake
Sleeping Rickshaw Driver Delhi
You have a lot of fantastic stuff on your website as well. You ought to post some images on this site's sister site: Your work would be great contributions there as well. Take care.
🕐 12-30-10 11:34 AMzblake
Sleeping Rickshaw Driver Delhi
Outstanding in every respect. Its all there; the composition, the exposure, the B+W conversion, the subjects, and the moment. This is a really great image. Love it.
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