Comments by Jordan Dickinson

🕐 09-7-11 12:18 AMslantface
the look
thanks ninni. I really appreciate the encouragement
🕐 09-7-11 12:17 AMslantface
the stand
thanks loss + wuffstuff!
🕐 05-24-11 5:31 PMslantface
the catherine
Thanks again everyone
🕐 05-24-11 5:31 PMslantface
the angry salesman 2
Thank you both! Keep writing on Huff's site Ashwin. I'm an avid fan of your work as well.

🕐 05-24-11 10:30 AMslantface
the catherine
Thanks everyone. She hates when I take photographs of her, but I still try to sneak in a shot here and there, and this is why. She is much more photogenic than she thinks.

I really appreciate the comments, so thanks again.
🕐 04-18-11 7:05 PMslantface
Favorite toy...
great vignetting and bw processing.
🕐 04-18-11 7:05 PMslantface
nice one. Really like the seemingly sad look
🕐 11-15-10 6:59 AMslantface
Photo 5862
its, Kodak 160 VC
🕐 11-3-10 5:51 PMslantface
cupcake catherine
She's actually holding my cigarette, but I like having both of them in this shot for some reason...
🕐 11-1-10 7:31 PMslantface
By: dierk
agreed. All of your portraits in this style are just great. Certainly inspirational for me to get better and more focused (no pun intended) in my work
🕐 11-1-10 7:30 PMslantface
Photo 7498
agree with doug. Great portrait, and beautiful bw processing. I love the coffee colored overlay
🕐 10-8-10 6:11 PMslantface
kodi in the blur
This is actually shot with a Noctilux f1 E60 @ f1, not at f2. I didn't set up the coding properly on the M9 before shooting this.
🕐 10-7-10 10:59 PMslantface
Photo 5772
great shot, and perfect color
popflash photo
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