Comments by Alan Watson

🕐 08-28-13 5:02 AMisalan
Photo 35345
Very nice for pre fall colors. But no clear main subject and appears slightly tilted to the left. My critical comments are worth only what you paid for them. Nothing.
🕐 01-7-12 7:12 PMisalan
Photo 18993
There is a lot can be done to this picture. Look at the position of her right arm and thumb. Also the flip of her hair over her right shoulder. It just needs to be cropped. Zoom in and apply the rule of thirds. Also do a little work in Photoshop to make the image pop a little. The squint could be just curiosity.
🕐 12-23-10 9:31 PMisalan
Photo 9713
Well done. This is what Leica is all about.
popflash photo
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