Comments by Gus

🕐 03-27-19 11:07 PMgus.
The bike
By: gus.
many thanks for your words, much appreciate
🕐 03-25-19 11:16 PMgus.
The violinist
By: gus.
Thank you very much for your opinion, I will take it into account, I will try a revision to improve it.
🕐 02-21-19 7:04 AMgus.
Photo 101512
🕐 02-5-19 6:57 AMgus.
By: sol
great Sol
🕐 02-4-19 10:12 AMgus.
Rome 2018
By: loik
🕐 01-14-19 11:31 AMgus.
Corner in Christmas
By: gus.
many thanks, much apreciatte
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