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Leica SUMMILUX 50mm f1.4 ASPH

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macpic047 09-5-13 3:36 AM
A wonderful narrative shot, Ashwin.

The monochrome treatment enhances the atmosphere, wonderfully framed, and just the right moment, bespeaks …"Weary"
phantom 02-12-13 12:28 AM
gran bella immagine , complimenti !!
ashwinrao1 11-22-10 9:46 PM
Thanks Dan, MP, and Ken. Greatly appreciated!
rf_licks 11-11-10 5:00 PM
Very nice!
ashwinrao1 11-10-10 10:00 AM
Thanks, everyone!
artwo 11-10-10 9:50 AM
Good shot!
ramses 11-4-10 3:34 PM
Great shot
ken davis 11-4-10 9:22 AM
A timeless feel.
mp298 10-31-10 8:33 PM
Good shot!
danlindberg 10-29-10 9:10 AM
Oh yes Nicely done!
ashwinrao1 10-27-10 12:51 PM
Thanks, everyone.....Zockson, I completely agree with your sentiment...background: early morning, in the back alleys of Venice, and this lone figure appeared to be heading to a busy day, preoccupied in his throughts...I

Steve, thanks so much! Love the hat in your profile pic, and the subtext....Gotta find a few more to share!
shtarka1 10-27-10 12:48 PM
Back for another look Ash. One of my All Time Favorites From You!!!
zockson 10-26-10 2:22 PM
This reminds me on Claude Chabrol's movies. It could tell you different stories e.g. just arrived by train and walking back home where there is nobody waiting for him. Or thinking about changing his job. Or leaving his home town early in the morning.
Great atmosphere!
ashwinrao1 10-26-10 12:11 PM
Thanks guys, much appreciated. It's actually the M9, with Nik Silver Efex applied with probably a tri-x filter, if I am recalling.
torralba 10-26-10 10:27 AM
Yeap. Wonderful shot. What camera and film?
zblake 10-26-10 8:58 AM
This is a great creation!
shtarka1 10-20-10 10:34 AM
Masterful! Love This Ash!

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