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leicaimages.com gallery | Breakfast at Smithfield Market | Leica SUMMICRON 50mm f2 | M3
Bummarees at work at Smithfield Market
Breakfast at Smithfield Market
Sizing up a side of beef at Smithfield Market
Photo 56509
A bummaree humping at side of beef into a delivery truck
The main hall at Smithfield Market
Butchers at work in Smithfield Market
A worker sorting offal at Smithfield Market
A bummaree hauling a full gurney at Smithfield Market
A bummaree "humping" a beef hindquarter at Smithfield Market

Breakfast at Smithfield Market © 2018 Rogan Coles

M3 | Leica SUMMICRON 50mm f2 | M-SUMMICRON | ISO 400 | People - Street

Photographer: Tingyat

Photographer Notes:

LONDON, ENGLAND: A Smithfield Market bummaree takes time out to have a quick breakfast at Smithfield Market, Smithfield, London circa April, 1991. (Photo by Rogan Coles)

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