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30th November, 2013, Charles ( Wfzd) passed away.

30th November, 2013, Charles ( Wfzd) passed away.

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Posted: 01-9-14 3:47 AM - Views: 2310

By: Charles

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30th November, 2013, Charles ( Wfzd) passed away.

It was brought to our attention that he posted photographs on the site daily,

and had made over 70 Leica-friends. As a longtime friend and one of the attorneys

for the Family it is my sad duty to post this announcement.

Charles was a very special man in many ways, he loved the outdoors, especially

life on the Family ranches. Even as a youth he had horses, then his entire life,

with dogs, and others as seen in his photographs, he took what he loved most.

As to Mr. JT, we were made aware of your attempts to contact Charles sometime back, you must understand the Family’s dedication to privacy and request you stop posting.

Charles was thrilled to be honored by the Hall of Fame that was given here,

with World famous professionals on this site. You members were so very kind to a man who wished too be a good photographer, your collective comments were very

must appreciated.

We miss this very gentle, true gentleman.

Ann B., Esq.


Reply from Glen Charles on 05-28-14 6:47 AM

Charles passing affected me more than I realized. Something about his persistence with his photography, and the great need he had for friendships with other photographers, was very poignant. And somehow I felt lonely, which was a reaction not so much to Charles as a friend - as we knew each other only from the comments we made of each others work, but from the reminder that photography is often a lonely occupation, and there may be other lonely people posting here. I started to wonder about what was important in life, not photography so much, more having friendships. So I stepped back from LI and rethought about what was important to me. I found some new friends through church, and I began teaching theology again after several years away, and this has been good for me. I am back doing photography but with a new inspiration, and I am enjoying the creative work. I think Charles would have approved. God bless you Charles, I hope you are surrounded by the people and animals you loved.

Reply from Dimitris V. Georgopoulos on 04-6-14 5:08 AM

I feel I lost a distant friend. Someone that I have not ever met in person but who constantly was watching my work. On the strings of our lives sometime we count the final knot. Then the remembrances remain and part of them, amongst other things, are the photos left behind.
May God rest his soul in peace.
Dimitris V. Georgopoulos
Athens, Greece
Reply from Italo Sinopoli on 02-14-14 10:14 AM

I am stunned and saddened by the death of our dear friend Charles, my thoughts go to a distant friend, never met him in person, I m always esteemed for his witty comments and professional.
I like to think that is flying high in the blue sky like an eagle which has chosen as his avatar.
A thought to the family to which I cling in pain.
Reply from Sunny Bleek on 02-13-14 6:05 PM

My condolences to Charles love ones. I'm sure he's still doing what he enjoys the most. If you listen closely, you can hear the click of his shutter.
Reply from Jerry on 01-22-14 7:27 PM

As I mourn his passing, I will also celebrate his life. Charles has left behind small bits of it, and graciously allowed us to share a small part of it through his images. The chats we had were sincere, and his love of photography was very apparent. I will miss that!
I will miss a brother patriot.
Reply from Chris Frangoulidis on 01-16-14 12:05 PM

Very saddening news indeed. His comments to my photos were always encouraging. A member of our photo family who will be missed. My condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.
Reply from A N on 01-15-14 6:04 AM

So sorry to hear this sad news. My deepest condoleances to his family.
Reply from Terry Clair on 01-14-14 5:44 PM

Charles you will be missed. Terry
Reply from Diane Thies on 01-13-14 4:44 PM

Thank you, Ann, for letting us know what happened with this dear friend. Full of humor and compassion, he made a strong place for himself on this site. I will cherish the letters we exchanged, and send my deepest condolences to his family and friends.
Reply from Glen Charles on 01-13-14 11:51 AM

Charles and I had a last chat on November 12, 2013, and as usual he was happy and humorous, and I enjoyed his wry comments. It was only a short time before that he asked me to be his friend, and I thank God that I made it happen.
May God be with you and bring comfort to your family. You are missed.
Reply from Ray Larose on 01-10-14 10:39 AM

So very sad to read this - he was such a good man, and we talked often! He really will be missed.
Reply from Theo Steijaert on 01-10-14 12:26 AM

My condolences to the family.
Reply from Brian Whitcomb on 01-9-14 7:38 PM

Very sad news to hear. My deepest condolences to his family. Many of us had made connections with Charles though the mutual love of photography on Leica Images. Charles always seemed to offer very thoughtful, genuine and sometimes playful comments. His presence will be missed and he reminds us of the connections we have made with each other here on LI.
Reply from Huss Hardan on 01-9-14 4:18 PM

What sad news. Charles was a character and befriended many here, myself included.
Deepest condolences to the family.

Thank you for letting us know Ann.
Reply from Dave Little on 01-9-14 2:48 PM

Charles was a gentleman, and a friend. his comments on my pictures, always pushed you forward.
We had a common interest in both Leica equipment and early Porsche cars.
Sad sad day, he will be sorely missed.
Reply from Ced Muscat on 01-9-14 12:32 PM

Soon after starting my posts here Charles was one of the first members to comment on my images. (I notice too he is one of the few on my friends list)
I can only think that he must have been a real enthusiast of our beloved hobby.
I hope his passing will not bring prolonged pain to his loved ones. My condolences go out to his family and hope he finds eternal peace! ced
Reply from Jt on 01-9-14 11:00 AM

Our condolences to the family. His presence and humor will be missed.
Reply from Sol Marrades on 01-9-14 5:45 AM

My most sincere condolences to the entire family for this sad loss!
We will carry his memory in our hearts
His gentleness, naturalness and friendliness, and willingness to share your life always outdoors, always remain in our memory.
He rest in peace.
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